The completion of high school

Formally, my high school is completed now. That took me two and a half years and 15 papers. Now I can, without hesitation, mention that I am a high school graduate and now I can also, without any confusion, apply to the colleges that I have shortlist. All the grades, all the test scores, all the ECA and the recommendation; finally, everything is done and I’m happy.

Now lets come to the human nature of dissatisfaction. It always happens that you hope for something low and when you get better than what you’d expected of, you wish if you had got even better. The same goes to me too. I wasn’t expecting to pass Economics but have a D in my results. Now I am hoping if I could get 2 more marks that would give me a C. Now I start imagining what grades would I have got if I didn’t have to go through that emotional problem during my exams. Now I start believing that I would have got a B if things had been different at that point of time. ¬†Why does this even happens. The days are gone and marks have been published. Yet, there’s always that wish of getting more.

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