The article I wrote

Firstly, I am drunk. Please ignore my grammatical verbal errors.

I am very moved by what happened in Qatar recently. The country had to face an economic embargo from its major neighbours. Being a citizen of Nepal, I know what it is like to face an economic blockade. I know what it is like when the food prices rise by more than 100%. I know what it feels like when you have to buy fuel for nearly triple the price in the market( Qatar doesn’t have to face this one problem, at least). I know the pain when you have to buy Mo: Mo for twice the price in the same place. That sucks the most!!

Jokes aside, what concerns me the most is the condition of migrant labours from Nepal. I am not a human rights and/or labour rights advocate, as long as my country is not involved. I deeply care for those who have to go out of the country to find employment, and there are millions of them.  Those who have been working for the Qatari companies and those, whose life will be scrambled once and for all after these companies dissolve. I’ve already heard the news of countless of people getting fired from their jobs. People who were working for food transportation companies and their jobs are already gone after Saudi Arabiya set the embargo.

I even wrote an article, as a citizen journalist, on this matter. Here’s the link.  I shared it with my friends and they seem to like it too. My brother even shared it on Facebook and my friends told me that I’m moving towards unbiased journalism and I should keep doing it.

Even before the incident, the Embassy of Nepal has not done much on the protecion of the rights of migrant labourers. We still hear the news, not only in media,not just in media, of passport snatches, no payments and abuse of the rights of people who work in the Gulf Countries. The Embassy puts a blind eye on all of that. I do not expect the embassy to work on the current Qatari Crisis. But being a citizen of this country, I care for the people who work there. Some of them are my own relatives. There are tens of people from my maternal side, working in this country for such a long time. I do not want them to lose their jobs. Or at least, if they have to lose it, I want them to be faciliated to return back to the country within days, not months.

Finally, I hope the diplomatic crisis in Qatar resolves fast. It is for the betterment of all the Gulf Counties and also the third-world that heavily depends on remittance. Nobody should be suffering for the wrong doings of the government, if it has done any.  I do not know whether Qatar funded terrorism or not. All I know is people who have nothing to do with it, even the Qataris, should be suffeing from it.