One more video for the Channel and difficulties during its compilation

My obsession with Vine turned to something lucrative when I created a channel dedicated to compiling videos of different Viners. The channel is named “The Best of Vine” and currently has one video. The video is also doing well. It already has more than 540 views and has 11 likes and 0 dislikes. The like to dislike ratio compelled me to upload another video as soon as I can. Also, the channel has 3 subscribers as of now. It’s just been three days and the channel is doing pretty well.

I was pretty convinced to make another video when the video I published 2 days back got more than 300 views and 5 likes in a night alone. The channel has only 3 subscribers and seeing the good response from the video posted, I started the compilation process. This time, it’s going to be Anwar Jibawi. He is one of the superstars in Vine with more than 2 billion loops on his 200+ videos. His 6 seconds vines have been played tens of millions time each. I really enjoy his vines and started compiling his videos. I accessed a lot of videos and made choices of the best 25 from those videos I had access to. I chose those 25 that made me laugh a lot and these videos are so interesting that one would not mind seeing the same vine everyday. These vines just make you laugh. I compiled those 25 videos and they are on their way of being published.

While making the video compilation, I faced a really deep problem. I use a MacBook Air and iMovie theatres is my only free choice when it comes to video editing and creating videos. The thing is, I can’t add the vine titles as they are being played. I have seen a lot of videos on Youtube getting disliked due to this factor. iMovie gives you very little options when it comes to adding titles and text between videos. I wanted to reposition the Text but I couldn’t. iMovie simply doesn’t allow you to do so. I had an option of creating a transparent image with the Vine Titles written on them but if I used them, my logo would wear off the video. In no way would I even let my logo be removed from the videos I created. I’m still learning iMovie and till now, I know how to add clips, texts, sounds and effects. I’m still learning and the more I keep on using them, the better will I learn the iMovie theatre. I believe there’s an option in text mobility and it needs to be discovered.

Lets hope the new video gets the same reception as the previous one got. This video entitled “The Best of Anwar Jibawi: Vine Compilation” is more than 3 minutes long and has around 26 vine clips, 7 seconds each in average. Lets hope for the best.