Writing for magazines begin

I had mentioned in the previous journal that I’ll start writing for magazines and big blogs soon, not just for the sake of showing others and increasing my value as a college applicant, but primarily because I love to read and write and want to do something in the field I’m interested in. Its noon past Tuesday  August 2 and I’ll start writing articles to the editors of some popular news portals. I’ll be starting with The Huffington Post and I will now start writing the column that I’m interested in.

Its my first approach for collaboration with a reputed media and all I can do to be involved with them is write genuinely on things that need to be addressed and leave the rest to the editors. I’m getting started now and I’ll write so good that the post after this or the one after that will have a link of my article at The Huffington Post.
Lets give the best and leave the rest.

Also, I started my college application. I will be applying to Trinity University, San Antonia, Texas and am in process of getting recommendation letters from teachers, employer and guidance councillor. I am researching about the university and being in contact with an alumni there who was in the same high school where I was has helped a lot in the process. Trinity seem to be a good university and for studying economics, its certainly one of the best, as said by the alumni brother.