Praparation and Expectation for Maths

Its Sunday and the third day of the Send Up Examination. Today’s examination of Mathematics and I have high expectation for today’s examination.
Mathematics has been a subject of interest for me these days and I have been practicing more than 30 questions in a day , which means a Question set each day carrying 100 marks. I have been able to solve almost all the problems of about 8 sets that I have done with no difficulty at all ,in almost all of them. So, for today’s examination, I have high hopes of crossing 90 in full marks of 100.
But, I also have some difficulties and problems in remembering formulaes, which means I can loose some marks if I wrote the formulaes incorrectly and since this is the Send Up examination, the difficulty level of questions will be high than what I have been doing. So, I will have to be really patient and brainstorm.
With the difficulties comes understanding of the problems. So, I am not frightened to see the difficult questions. Instead I hope and am determined to solve all of them and score a 90+ today. If I am able to score 90+ in maths, I have high chances of achieving 80% in this Send Up.. So, I wish best of luck to myself and also to those who are giving examinations with me.

Cheers and do your best.:-D:-D