Gaurika Singh finished first but didn’t make it to the semi-finals

Gaurika Singh, the youngest athlete to participate in the Rio Olympics 2016 and the youngest athlete ever to participate in Olympics from Nepal finished first in the 100 Metres Backstroke in Heat 1 in the qualification match. Her finish time was 1:08:45 followed by Evelina Afoa finishing the 100 metres backstroke in 1:08:74.

There was a really close competition between Gaurika and Samoa’s Eveline. Gaurika finished 29 milliseconds prior to Evelina to win in the Heat 1 qualifying match. In overall, she finished 31st out of 34 participants.

The sad part for all Nepalese awaiting her to be in the Semi Finals and the finals is that she didn’t qualify for the semi-finals. Her national record still remains unbeaten. Gaurika, being a 13 year old kid managing to finish in 1:08:45 in the Olympics is a big achievement for her. She has a lot of time to practice swimming and she will surely be representing Nepal in the next olympics.