Minutes before the big-day

It’s the Big-Day. It’s the day that decides whether I’ll be looking forward to my dream college or I’ll be just another international student in just another university in the US. It’s the day that determines whether I can plan to live the life I wish in the Emirates or would I have to work part-time to support my studies. It’s that big day when the letters are to release. Yes, my CIE examination results are coming out today and its about time those grades are out. Its 10:44 and the grades gave probably started rolling out.

I am no exception so I can’t hope for more than what I’ve written. Still, I hope for good grades in Computer Science and B in Pure Mathematics. My heart is throbbing and I just got a message from someone, probably asking what my grades are.

I’m now going to see the results. These grades have the power to turn the dream I saw today where I was in Abu Dhabi for the Candidate Weekend of NYUAD. All I can do is hope my dreams don’t get shattered. I have given my level best in the examination and I hope the grades will fare me.

Best of luck of myself.