Restarted Writing Python Codes

It had been more than 3 months since I left writing codes in Python. But today, after more than 90 days, I formally sat down and started writing some codes. As I kept on writing codes,  I completely forgot for how long did I code and when I gazed at the mobile clock, it was more than one and a half hour. Today, I started to code because I was excited do some extra stuffs on the things that I left some 3 months back. I started using python Imap library once again and recovered the knowledge that I had on using the imap library ans tried to do some other amazing stuffs with it.
The understanding that I have of the imap library is limited and I need to learn more about it to be able to do some more amazing stuffs. I tried to use a loop to fetch a series of emails in a particular mailserver but failed to do so. I will try the same problem the next time using another code that I will prepare.
It feels really good to be back writing codes. Today I recovered almost everything that I knew and left behind of python.