Involvement in career developement

In the two years of high school, I, along with Sabil Khan did three Model United Nations event each with more than 50 participants each. In my side, I got to learn a lot from these three MUNs that I organised and two MUNs I participated in. I feel proud to be a guest in the MUN organised by GEMS School. We have made friends and they are the ones in our MUN circle. They are the people that can become diplomats in the future and are capable enough to solve any problem. That’s my part of learning in two years of high school. I made the friends that I will never forget in my life and its all due to MUNs. Now its time to go professional too.

Just a week back, our MUN organising team an invitation from a school that’s participating in Harvard Model United Nations India 2016. Yes, its the same Harvard that we dream of. Its the part of the Harvard MUN franchise and this one’s in India. Harvard MUN India will have hundreds of participants and we were invited to train those who are participating from Nepal this time.

This is the first time the high school MUN experience has turned to something professional. We have got the opportunity to train those who are participating in an international MUN and even more than that, we were requested by someone taking in charge of the selection process and all required measures to be taken. I can’t speak about the students participating for the Harvard MUN. I can only speak for me and my team who are invited to train them. The day I went, I got to see the finest position papers written by 15 year old kids. These position paper had in-depth research, objectives and possibilities that they could really good in the diplomacy process. There were a few flaws and I told them what’s to be done for improvement. I saw position papers of all of them. That’s the main part in MUN where I come handy. I see those papers and judge them.

After that, we had a mock session regarding border issues. Some of the kids spoke good and the rest were quiet, until we stepped as participants of the mock session and made them speak. That helped a lot to them and nearly all of them were speaking and raising issues this time. We were successful in what we were called for. We are sure they’ll at least not stay idle and speak their minds out.

Tomorrow, we are going there for the final time. Soon, the participants will be leaving for HMUN and we have to do our level best to make them speak their mind out first and then speak sensible and reasoning. MUN is not where you do normal talk. You discuss what’s going on in the country and the world and when you see problems, you seek for solutions. That’s what MUN is. You’re there for the world peace anyhow you need to bring the peace. Tomorrow, we will be making them speak sensible words and test their convincing powers which will come handy in the resolutions. They are able to raise questions and motions. They need to learn about the resolutions and how to propose them. Its going to be a long and interesting day and we hope our effort will make them better than they currently are. We are not hoping them to win the HMUN India 2016. We are preparing them to question other’s thoughts and put forward their opinions without fearing what others might say.

With this training, we are officially MUN guides. The MUNs we did and participated in came handy and we will be taking it professionally from now on. At least I will. I will do a few more MUN trainings and keep participating in debates. Unless you keep on debating, your mind will be filled with stupid ideas. Debate brings the intellect inside you and that’s what I’ll be telling each and every one who I have to train. So now, MUN Trainer will be added in my LinkedIn tomorrow and there will be pictures that I will be posting after I reach home from the Saurya College. That’s where the training is being held.

Its 1 AM already and deserve at least 5 hours of sleep after all the video editing, 2 blog journals and hours of Economics studies. Its all about managing the resources. My time is scarce and I have to do my best to utilise it as effectively as I can. Studying Economics is giving me knowledge that I possibly would not get if I didn’t enrol.