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Thoughts: A career in writing

Making a career in writing is neither easy nor extremely hard. Like every other field, the two most important things you’ll be needing is the passion to write and the openness to be corrected for your wrongs. Criticism will be there, just like in any other job. You’ll need to correct yourself of the wrongdoings that others point towards you.

I’ve been giving this thing a thought lately. I wanted to be a blogger since some six years back and after these thousands of days, I’m still not the blogger that I wished of becoming back at that time. Somewhere in middle, I was doing good, really really good. I was convinced that I could write good and given a proper amount of time and research resources, I was affirmative that I could write on any topic. And I did write at that time. I did good.

It’s been more than a year that I haven’t written on a regular basis. After all this time, I find difficulty in forming proper sentences and generating creative description on topics. A can’t go more than a couple of hundred words if I were to not insert fillers. This blog has a lots of fillers and this blog is the only thing that I’m writing in.

Just like 6years back, I’m thinking of a career in writing once again. This time, it’s more of a serious necessity than just a wish. I am attending college after a few months and I will be in need of money to sustain myself. Working more than 18 hours is not allowed and I don’t want to work illegally. If I were to start writing and develop my style in a few months, I think earning an extra grand won’t be a tough call. I can work on upwork and other freelancing website and if I’m giving quality content, I’ll be getting the dollar I demand.

I’m already excited about this. I just wish for this excitement to remain for a few weeks more. I will try writing a blog post every day and devote 10 hours extra to writing and improving my style. I’ll ask my friends to read the pieces I write and criticize them honestly. I’ll take their suggestion and improve to a greater extent. I also need to improve my grammar. It clearly sucks as of now.




I can’t recall the last time I was awake till this time of night. It’s almost 2:30 and I’m still in no mood to sleep. Maybe it’s the strong coffee or maybe its watching Sherlock that has restrained my sleep till now. Be it any, the major thing is that I’m awake and I just finished two critical reading passages, which adds to the 130 questions I previously did giving me a total number of 154. That’s quite a number of questions to be done in a day and I hope to keep the numbers steady or increasing for the next few days.

My mind’s opening up and I don’t’ feel like wasting it. Probably, I won’t sleep this night and try making the full use of it. But there’s the tomorrow that I need to worry about. There’s that minimum of four hours of sleep and there’s that urge to be resting my eyes before its 4. I have conditions that won’t let me able to do works till the time I wish to. Well, I can perform smoothly this night but for the upcoming few, my brain just won’t work. I need that rest and I need it before it’s too late.

Yes, today was productive. Did a lot of mathematics, four critical reading passages, two writing and grammar exercises and watched 3 episodes of a really good TV Series. Sherlock is good and Sherlock is what I was in need of to motivate my brain to work more and sharper. Six more episodes and left and I have 5 more days before the SATs. Maybe an episode a day will help me fix my brains to work more.