Thoughts: A career in writing

Making a career in writing is neither easy nor extremely hard. Like every other field, the two most important things you’ll be needing is the passion to write and the openness to be corrected for your wrongs. Criticism will be there, just like in any other job. You’ll need to correct yourself of the wrongdoings that others point towards you.

I’ve been giving this thing a thought lately. I wanted to be a blogger since some six years back and after these thousands of days, I’m still not the blogger that I wished of becoming back at that time. Somewhere in middle, I was doing good, really really good. I was convinced that I could write good and given a proper amount of time and research resources, I was affirmative that I could write on any topic. And I did write at that time. I did good.

It’s been more than a year that I haven’t written on a regular basis. After all this time, I find difficulty in forming proper sentences and generating creative description on topics. A can’t go more than a couple of hundred words if I were to not insert fillers. This blog has a lots of fillers and this blog is the only thing that I’m writing in.

Just like 6years back, I’m thinking of a career in writing once again. This time, it’s more of a serious necessity than just a wish. I am attending college after a few months and I will be in need of money to sustain myself. Working more than 18 hours is not allowed and I don’t want to work illegally. If I were to start writing and develop my style in a few months, I think earning an extra grand won’t be a tough call. I can work on upwork and other freelancing website and if I’m giving quality content, I’ll be getting the dollar I demand.

I’m already excited about this. I just wish for this excitement to remain for a few weeks more. I will try writing a blog post every day and devote 10 hours extra to writing and improving my style. I’ll ask my friends to read the pieces I write and criticize them honestly. I’ll take their suggestion and improve to a greater extent. I also need to improve my grammar. It clearly sucks as of now.



The dream

The dream is to not work 10-5 for a firm that pays a salary at the end of the month. The dream is to make the laptop both my master and the servant and the room both a cosy place to fall asleep and work hard. The ultimate dream is to work from home office and make a good living for self and family.

I dream a fairly simple and desired life of many. I dream of working from my own space, working for the things I have started myself and working as if my entire life depends on the work that I do everyday.

Maybe I dream of being a blogger, or a e-book writer or a affiliate marketer. Whatever I dream of, I dream of doing it from my home. The dream is to have a work that can be done from any corner of the world, without the distance affecting the work that’s been done.

Maybe the dream is still being thought of. I haven’t quite decided what I really want to be. I know I want to work from home but there are thousands of things that you can do from home. I don’t know what is it that I want to do, while staying at the cosy and comfortable bed, sipping a cup of coffee with a ciggrate in the vintage ashtray.

Whatever the dream be, the most important thing is that this very blog should never go down. This blog is a memoir that already has 3 years of my life in it. I see no following the dream untill college is done and that’s 5 more years away. The blog needs to be alive; the blog has memories and more will be added.



Hopes for C

I started with some serious MCQ practice for my Economics exam today. Today was my second MCQ paper of As Level and I think I did pretty good. 23 out of 30 in the first serious attempt is not bad at all, or at least I don’t think it to be a bad score. With these scores on my test practices, I’m hopeful for a C in my A Level economics. For that, here’s the plan.

So, both the papers – P2 and P4 – didn’t go as I expected them to. I will get a C in one and there’s no way I’ll pass in the other. So, here’s the plan to get a C in average.

The two MCQs’ that are remaining, I’ll have to do exceptionally well in one and pretty good in the other. And by exceptional, I mean getting all the answers correct ; a single mistake can be considered but not two . So, I’ll have to get 30/30 in one paper i.e. Paper 1 and I’ll have to cross 20/30 in the Paper 4. If all goes as I’ve planned, I’ll get a 60/100 in my whole A Level economics and with that I’ll have the final grade of ABCC. That’s good enough to get me into the colleges I’ve wished of.

So yeah, I’ve begun my mental exercise and I’ll do my best. Chances are, I might even get a B even though I’ve not thought of anything such.

Good luck to me. All I need to do is FOCUS right now. Everything else is good if I FOCUS on my papers and practices.



Give time to friends. Don’t just start thinking about being in relationship with someone special immediately. Enjoy the time you’ve got with friends. There will surely come a day when you’ll be in love with someone special, it’s just inevitable. When this happens, priorities will shift and you might have no more than a single friend ever. Never let this happen soon.

Love is something special that everybody needs. But before you start feeling love for a single person only, make sure you have a bunch of idiots who will always love you, no matter what. And they are no other than your friends.

Be friends before you being to get drunk in love.


Maintaining daily schedules

To be the best of yourself, all you have to do is efficiently manage your time. When the time is managed and hours are utilised there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your goal. Its all to do with the priorities. When you aren’t able to give time to the things that prime to you, you just won’t succeed. I am facing time management issues this days and I seriously need to address them.

So, I am on a long gap. Except for Economics, my high school studies have finished and I have 2 months long gap to study this one subject. I’m really interested in this subject and I do spend a few hours everyday on learning more about the subject matter. In fact, I’ve also joined a “Microeconomics Principals” course in Coursera just for the sake of understanding the subject better. Combined with the online course, I give no more than 3 hours everyday for the study of Economics. That leaves me with 21 hours of free time which is simply getting wasted as days pass.

I seriously need to start managing my time. With the free time I have, I can start a new project and work on it and make it stand out by utilising this free time. In fact, I have started a Youtube channel on Vine Videos compilation and its been three days. I have made one video and it already has 260+ views and my channel has 3 subscribers in 2 days. I think that’s a good start. Other than that, I spend almost an hour everyday, in combined, to write on this blog. This blog needs to have a lot of memories and articles. I want to see the past version of me and this blog would be my mirror reflection. With the blog, Youtube and studies, I spend only 5 to 6 hours everyday doing productive things, still leaving me with 18 hours of free time of which I can use of. And I just can’t sleep more than 5 hours a day. My brain just doesn’t let me do so.

I have planned to start giving more time to each and every activity I do. I won’t start with a new venture or get carried away planing to do something that I just can’t handle. I will give more hours to studies, more hours on searching the best videos and giving even more time to make smoother compilations. The videos need of be of the best quality in every terms to stand out among the thousands of others already present in Youtube. My target is a minimum of 200 subscribers at the end of two months. That’s when I will start with the monetisation process and start earning decent money form my Youtube videos. Also I will spend more time writing more of the journals. I’m trying my best to write two journals everyday and I will try my best on giving it a continuity. I want to flood this blog with my words as I am the only one seeing it. Its a personal blog with my thoughts and I have all the rights to post things I wish to. I will keep on writing these blog journals and write more and more of them.

With all of these, I will still have a 8 hours or more of free time everyday. That remaining free time will be utilised in improvising my college application, making submissions of magazines and developing my professional “.com” website. Yes, I do own a professional “.com” website and that’ll be my portfolio page. That’s where I’ll be listing my accomplishments and this is where my plans and ideas will be.

At the end of the day, the time management scheduled has been optimised giving more time to each and every activity I’m currently indulged in.  With all the time utilised, I hope to be a better person in days to come and be more learnt. Its Gaurika Singh’s game day in Olympics 2016 and the game starts at 9:47 PM. 58 Minutes to go. I’ll be posting after the game now.


Planning for something good

So I had this crazy idea of competing with Google’s Advertising platform and helping more people get in the web and earn money. It all started with the idea of making presentations on blogging and going to schools and colleges to show the importance of blogging and what can you do for yourself once you start blogging. It all started with that small idea and at the end, I had this whole plan of making a network of blogs, a directory of Nepal’s blogs on various niches and an advertising and publisher platform exclusively for those who are from Nepal. I have planned this crazy idea and I want to do all I can to turn this into reality. The face of Nepal in the blogosphere will be something very different if this plan is carried out and implemented in a year or two.

Everything here has  a small beginning. I thought of making presentations on blogging, the importance of blogging, the advantages and the utilisation of time and money for something good. I also planned of organising a blogging workshop and at the first phase, taking the 100 most interested people and giving a residential coaching for them. I also planned of teaming up with other popular bloggers and those with a lot of information on blogging and starting this workshop. Then, these people from various institutions will learn the concept of blogging to its depth and they will be representatives in their own schools and colleges and start blogging clubs and forums. After that, I also planned of creating a directory including all the blogs of Nepal on various Niche so that people can find Made In Nepal blogs from there. Even better, the directory will be totally ad-free and would run on my own personal expense.

Once there are a few hundred blogs in total and at least 10-15 blogs on each and every niche, we would provide our idea of starting an advertising network to some reputed company here in Nepal itself or we would hire the experts in the field and develop it on our own. The ad-network would be focusing only on websites made in Nepal and would be more cost-effective to advertisers from Nepal. Since the products will be local and easy to get access for the buyers, the companies advertising will also have higher profits and so will the publishers. We, as a company will be taking less percentage of the advertising ( nothing more than 40%) and the rest will be given to the publishers. This way, the advertisers and the publishers will be happy and we as a company will keep expanding and spending more and research and development. We will try our best to get each and every professionals into blogging and try turning those who are interested in the field to be professionals. As the citizens start blogging and earning revenue, the country will be having some good for them too. It will be a win-win for all.

So, that’s the plan I thought of in 5 minutes and I’m kinda hyped on this one. If I go forward for this plan now, I would have to cancel my thought of undergraduate studies for a few years. It will be worth the three-four years I spend on it. Its a really great idea and the success of it bring Nepal upfront in the field of blogging and will surely help people to get better lives in the number of thousands.

I’ll start working on this plan from today and start drawing more and more ideas on it. I will try to make it the best it can be and I will be keeping all the updates in this blog. Once I feel the plan if foolproof and is ready to implement, I will start getting more concerned on it and if I get the feeling that this can really be that one ultimate idea, I will get on with it. For now, I will at least make the idea better in papers and in my mind.