The visa

Today I got my study visa.

I still can’t belive I got my visa

I don’t want to go and work illegally with this visa 

I want to be a part of the research and experiments with the this visa 

I want to the world with this visa

IshanEvilSnakeLamsal, I got the US visa, dude you gotta send me some money so that I can give the party for getting this visa. 


Last day and things

Finally, exams are coming to an end. Tomorrow’s the last day of my 2016 October-November CIE examinations and probably my last exams for high school. I think I’ll pass :).

That being said, today is the last day of practice and I have planned to do 5 sets ( combined of As and A2 ) of MCQ practices. After that I think I’m good to go.

Also, today is the poll day in the US. I still have hopes for Hillary. It’s not that I’m a fan of hers, it’s just that she seems a better candidate than Trump. Actually, I’m a fan of his after the books I’ve read but in politics, nah.

SO lots of things are happening around the world. India introduced new notes, S. Korea wants its president to resign, there are protests due to no-loadshedding in the Kathmandu valley and there’s a president being elected today in the largest economy of the world. Lets hope the world doesn’t have to face any more protests and violence. Peace be there and longer shall everyone live.


Into the A2 part

The blog’s getting all affairs and exams right now 😀 . What can I do, these are the things happening currently. I had a really devastating breakup about a month ago and since that my exams have started. All these will vanish in a week or two and the blog will be mixed with stuffs again. So yeah, once again its about studies.

I feel fresh today. Minds’ all empty and I’m all geared up to do some practice. Till now I’ve practice 6 sets of MCQs of As level and my average score is 20/30 . I am not trying hard and that’s not faring me good. Today is the last day I’m supposed to do As level MCQs and move to the A2 part. I am moving to the A2 part now but this won’t finish my As practice.

So, begin the A2 papers today. I have 6 more days for the exam and I’ll start the A2 papers today. I’ll do around 10 A2 MCQs and 10 more As MCQs and it will be enough I believe. I’m starting now.

Life seems good!


Hopes for C

I started with some serious MCQ practice for my Economics exam today. Today was my second MCQ paper of As Level and I think I did pretty good. 23 out of 30 in the first serious attempt is not bad at all, or at least I don’t think it to be a bad score. With these scores on my test practices, I’m hopeful for a C in my A Level economics. For that, here’s the plan.

So, both the papers – P2 and P4 – didn’t go as I expected them to. I will get a C in one and there’s no way I’ll pass in the other. So, here’s the plan to get a C in average.

The two MCQs’ that are remaining, I’ll have to do exceptionally well in one and pretty good in the other. And by exceptional, I mean getting all the answers correct ; a single mistake can be considered but not two . So, I’ll have to get 30/30 in one paper i.e. Paper 1 and I’ll have to cross 20/30 in the Paper 4. If all goes as I’ve planned, I’ll get a 60/100 in my whole A Level economics and with that I’ll have the final grade of ABCC. That’s good enough to get me into the colleges I’ve wished of.

So yeah, I’ve begun my mental exercise and I’ll do my best. Chances are, I might even get a B even though I’ve not thought of anything such.

Good luck to me. All I need to do is FOCUS right now. Everything else is good if I FOCUS on my papers and practices.


Two more to go

The day has been productive. I read three chapters which were one of the longest in the book. I started reading these chapters at around 9 A.M. and its about to be 3:45. I still have three more hours for the day to end and 13 chapters to go. These thirteen chapters and I’m done studying the basics of A2 Economics.

The day had been productive. Today, I could actually concentrate on the papers rather than on things that ate most of my time days back. Its going well, I’m about to start the fourth chapter for today and I plan to finish 5 chapters today. So, two more remaining for the day and three more hours. And these chapters are relatively small; just a couple of pages in each.

I’ll begin now I hope I will keep this this trend for the coming six days. I’d be finishing the course by two days and I can give four remaining days to do past papers. This way, I’ll not just pass, I might get good grades. 🙂 🙂


Back on track

So, its been a few days. I couldn’t study well, concentrate on subjects and do anything productive. Now, I finally feel I’ll be able to do so.

Yes, I have to study. I have an exam to appear in six days and I still don’t have much of an idea on what I need to prepare about. Six days, eighteen chapters  and a few past papers need to be done.

I’d been chilling a lot but it will stop from this day onwards. Six days, and I’ll pass in the subject that I didn’t have any idea about when I was in the school. It’s a challenge, a very difficult one but since I’m on track now, I think I’ll be able do complete it.


Economics was a wise decision

C’mon, who doesn’t like money? That being said, who possibly wouldn’t like to study about money and how to earn it and efficiently manage it. That’s the prime concern of majority of those who want to study economics in their high school and/or college. For most of the people, Economics is money and how to manage it. For me, it was something else. Economics was a subject of interest to me for the power it had and the willingness I had to get to learn more on how the markets function and how effective plans and decisions are made. I chose Economics because a 10-5 job certainly won’t do anything good for me in years to come and the country really needs to function properly.

Its been about a month that the interest has been a subject for my examination. I chose to apply for the never-studied subject in place of Physics, which I had observed since the past couple of years. Turns out, the decision I made in that bus was worthy. Turns out the hardship and the added course load will matter a lot in coming years.

In these weeks I’ve been studying the subject, I’m learning the market, its types and characters. Just now, I learnt about the travel time saving and an extra research lead me to the key factors behind determining my rates if I were to keep it in monetary units. In these days, I have learnt that economics is not just about money. Everything that’s happening, economics has something to add to it. Resources are scarce and when they are so, economics is always pointing a finger. Me, writing this blog post, have things to do with economics as my time is limited to 24 hours a day and I need to sleep enough too to function properly for the next day.

There are a lot of things going on and everything where there is a limitation to the availability of resource, economics has something to tell. I’m learning more about the government, the works of economists and how they have helped reshape the globe and led to efficiency and better lives. I am learning a lot and every day, there’s something new to look about. That’s what is fascinating me the most these days. The subject is new to me and there are millions of things I still have to look forward to. I’ll definitely study economics in my college and I have planned to focus on the study political and governmental economics. The country I live in is in trouble and I want to do all from my side to make it a better place to live in. Now, I have a motto in life and I know I will do something.