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Effective works

The most effective advertising is when you start advertising a product a few days before the event for which you’re advertising.

I am an amazon affiliate and I had this plan of advertising some of the products in Facebook just before the valentines midnight for the Facebook users who stay in developed countries( Australia, UK, USA ). I am drunk, completely, and I need to go to pee. I am not going because I know after I come back, I’ll just lie down and fall asleep. If this happens, probably one of the drunk post will be missed from this blog and I don’t want that to happen, ever. Drunk posts are fun, and I should never miss them. I don’t know where I’ll post the links of these posts to, but these are fun to read the next day when I get sober.

So yeah, I wanted to advertise a few products from Amazon in Facebook. I’d just created an amazon affiliate account( I had one previously but it seems to have deactivated, so I applied for the another one). Immediately, I searched for my Payoneer card. Payoneer is the only way I can advertise in Facebook right now. I don’t have a paypal or any other means that would be accepted by Facebook. I searched for the card. But no, the fate is against me. I couldn’t find it. I searched the entire purse, all the pockets in there, but no, the payoneer card is not found. All my dreams of advertising products from Amazon for valentines are destroyed now and I’ve learnt a lesson.

Always plan ahead. That’s what I’ve learnt. If you plan a day or two, at least, before the event, you won’t have problems. All the problems, you’ll be able to solve them. Had I planned of this two days earlier, I would have kept my Payoneer card in a reachable place. I would have tried using to ensure that the card will work fine when the day comes to use it for advertising. Had it not worked, I would have used an alternative source( I do have my brother’s paypal, which I would request for access and would efficiently do the advertising). I would have learnt how to do the advertising properly and would have made huge sales and a lots of profit.

Lots of things happen if you plan early. And they’re good too. So plan early, work early, and you won’t have to worry about succeeding.

Its night and I’m a drunk dude writing a blog post.

And yes, I got accepted in Caldwell university with a $27000/ year scholarship. I’m excited for a college experience already.