The article I wrote

Firstly, I am drunk. Please ignore my grammatical verbal errors.

I am very moved by what happened in Qatar recently. The country had to face an economic embargo from its major neighbours. Being a citizen of Nepal, I know what it is like to face an economic blockade. I know what it is like when the food prices rise by more than 100%. I know what it feels like when you have to buy fuel for nearly triple the price in the market( Qatar doesn’t have to face this one problem, at least). I know the pain when you have to buy Mo: Mo for twice the price in the same place. That sucks the most!!

Jokes aside, what concerns me the most is the condition of migrant labours from Nepal. I am not a human rights and/or labour rights advocate, as long as my country is not involved. I deeply care for those who have to go out of the country to find employment, and there are millions of them.  Those who have been working for the Qatari companies and those, whose life will be scrambled once and for all after these companies dissolve. I’ve already heard the news of countless of people getting fired from their jobs. People who were working for food transportation companies and their jobs are already gone after Saudi Arabiya set the embargo.

I even wrote an article, as a citizen journalist, on this matter. Here’s the link.  I shared it with my friends and they seem to like it too. My brother even shared it on Facebook and my friends told me that I’m moving towards unbiased journalism and I should keep doing it.

Even before the incident, the Embassy of Nepal has not done much on the protecion of the rights of migrant labourers. We still hear the news, not only in media,not just in media, of passport snatches, no payments and abuse of the rights of people who work in the Gulf Countries. The Embassy puts a blind eye on all of that. I do not expect the embassy to work on the current Qatari Crisis. But being a citizen of this country, I care for the people who work there. Some of them are my own relatives. There are tens of people from my maternal side, working in this country for such a long time. I do not want them to lose their jobs. Or at least, if they have to lose it, I want them to be faciliated to return back to the country within days, not months.

Finally, I hope the diplomatic crisis in Qatar resolves fast. It is for the betterment of all the Gulf Counties and also the third-world that heavily depends on remittance. Nobody should be suffering for the wrong doings of the government, if it has done any.  I do not know whether Qatar funded terrorism or not. All I know is people who have nothing to do with it, even the Qataris, should be suffeing from it.


The lazy life

In the recent times, it has rarely happened that I did not write on the blog for more than 4 weeks. The last time I wrote was when I was drunk and dancing at Sam’s, Reef and Ibyza. Wow! That’s the last time I went clubbing. It has already been a month of distancing from the extravagant and useless spendings on alcohol and dance.

A lot has happened since then. College decisions, fees payments, mock sessions, Rotaract MUN and much more. It seems like a lot, but it actually isn’t.

In the past month, I did spend almost a week being a full-time employee level busy. But then I also spend the last week doing nothing productive. I had plans of reading the constitution, continuing my work, writing articles for CrowdH and national dailies. I even had made up my mind to stop smoking and do vigorous exercise daily. Of all these plans, the only thing I’ve done is write on my blog after 4 long weeks. Even this seems to be difficult. I can’t even form complete and grammatically correct sentences. I just keep reading the sentences I’ve written, times and again.

I seriously need to get rid of the laziness. I can’t afford to Netflix 6 hours a day at this point of time when I should be thinking deep on how to sustain in college. I only have two months in Nepal, and I need to think of creating small funnels that will pour down a thousand dollars a month. I even have plans ready for that. All I need to do is stop being lazy, think the plan and make strategies and process them.

This article marks me stepping out of the laziness. I’m geared up a bit, and I don’t feel lazy at all. I will start with my articles soon, and the more I write in the process, the better I become. Let’s hope the laziness doesn’t come back for a day or two, at least.


Into book writing

For a few days, I was thinking of the possibilities of me writing an book and publishing it. Today I actually decided to begin the process and in the next 14 days, I will drop my first ever book in the Kindle store. I have signed up for the KDP program that will allow me to write books and make them available in the Kindle bookstore.

I’m excited about this. It’s a dream of everyone to write a book, at least, in their life and see it being published and read by others. I too have that dream and to make a step towards it, the first thing is to write one. So I’m daring to write a book and publish it. Whether the book will sell or not is in the hands of others but whether I want to take hours of my time, daily, and write is book is in mine. So what’s there to fear of? Even if it doesn’t sell, there’s nothing to worry about. At least I will have a book in my name and it’s something I can be proud of everyday.

This time, there won’t be any procrastination. I’m going to start immediately after I finish writing this blog post and I will write 2 hours everyday. I’m not planning on writing a 500-page book, just a small book marking my start in this new sphere I have never tried.

I possess knowledge on variety of topics and I can already think of a few on which I can write a 50-page manuscript. I’m gonna think for some time and decide on the topic and start.


The dream

The dream is to not work 10-5 for a firm that pays a salary at the end of the month. The dream is to make the laptop both my master and the servant and the room both a cosy place to fall asleep and work hard. The ultimate dream is to work from home office and make a good living for self and family.

I dream a fairly simple and desired life of many. I dream of working from my own space, working for the things I have started myself and working as if my entire life depends on the work that I do everyday.

Maybe I dream of being a blogger, or a e-book writer or a affiliate marketer. Whatever I dream of, I dream of doing it from my home. The dream is to have a work that can be done from any corner of the world, without the distance affecting the work that’s been done.

Maybe the dream is still being thought of. I haven’t quite decided what I really want to be. I know I want to work from home but there are thousands of things that you can do from home. I don’t know what is it that I want to do, while staying at the cosy and comfortable bed, sipping a cup of coffee with a ciggrate in the vintage ashtray.

Whatever the dream be, the most important thing is that this very blog should never go down. This blog is a memoir that already has 3 years of my life in it. I see no following the dream untill college is done and that’s 5 more years away. The blog needs to be alive; the blog has memories and more will be added.



The Thousand dollar goal

Time’s flying. Graduation feels like yesterday but appeared in my Facebook memories a day before. As time passes by, my days remaining to attend a university are lessening. There’s only about 4 months remaining for me to go to college. Damn, it’s so hard to write when you’ve been out of work for a few days and have done nothing productive in those days. I can’t even think of words to write Continue reading

Breaking the news

I’m pretty psyched today. I’ve been on the internet for almost 10 hours now and all of these hours, I spent on reading affairs and publishing short breaking news on them. I published 23 breaking news in the last 12 hours and I’m not done yet. The portal where I write is currently on maintenance and I have a couple of hours in my hand. I planned on using this time to write here, on my personal blog.

Never had I realized writing such short and immediate news would be so fascinating and rewarding. It pays pretty good, 10$ per day and I get to work all of the 30 days. There are bonus and stock options available too, so it’s a plus point from all sides. Also, you get to know what’s happening around the world and it’s really fascinating to know the world, immediately after things happen. By now, I know North Korea launched missiles, there’s avian flu in chickens in Tennessee and Wisconsin, a fisherman shot dead and there’s much more stuffs. I’m pretty psyched.

I have a few months of free time and I utilize this time in learning about the world and earn enough for my survival, there’s nothing for my need. I can afford my weekend expenditures and daily expenses. I can also buy things I like with the money I make. This is fascinating.

Also, I got an email from Caldwell. They offered my only a $1000 in Residence Awards and this makes a total of $28,000. I’ve asked for 6 more grands and if they make it available for me, then only will I go there. Else, there’s Troy and Troy is not bad either. Let’s hope everything falls in place.