The apartment hunt

I have less than 2 weeks in Nepal. I have no place to stay in New Jersey when I reach there. My brother lives 1400 miles away from me in the States. I talked to a club senior and requested him to find me a room for rent. I rejected a room that was available. I even had a brief talk with a transgender male who had a room for sharing. My apartment hunting experience has been quite a story to tell.

With everything that’s happened, I still don’t have an apartment or a room to stay in when my college starts. I had a brief moment of relief till tonight but then Sagar’s landlord also told him to leave his place. Now neither my friend- with whom I’d planned to live with till I get a room-  has a room, and nor do I. Bed bugs were the reason of his expulsion and I still can’t figure out why I still can’t find a room.

Anyways, the hunt is still on. Today, I send applications to almost 5 rentals that were available.  I’m hoping for some replies by tomorrow. If none arrives, I’ll send some more application. Still, there are 13 days left. There are countless of apartments available and there’s still some time left. Hopefully, I’ll have a couple of apartments for viewing before I reach the States.



The Thousand dollar goal

Time’s flying. Graduation feels like yesterday but appeared in my Facebook memories a day before. As time passes by, my days remaining to attend a university are lessening. There’s only about 4 months remaining for me to go to college. Damn, it’s so hard to write when you’ve been out of work for a few days and have done nothing productive in those days. I can’t even think of words to write Continue reading