The visa

Today I got my study visa.

I still can’t belive I got my visa

I don’t want to go and work illegally with this visa 

I want to be a part of the research and experiments with the this visa 

I want to the world with this visa

IshanEvilSnakeLamsal, I got the US visa, dude you gotta send me some money so that I can give the party for getting this visa. 


Those candidate weekend videos and blogs

Its half hours past midnight and I’ve spent the past few hours on learning more about the New York University. I’m pretty much hyped about this college, the opportunity it provides and the kind of people I would meet if I reach there. The past hours were my 2 dimensional ways to learn more about the college. The videos I watched, the parts of the book written by Michael, present student in the NYUAD Campus added more to my will and dedication on making to the college anyhow. I just want to reach there, no exceptions, no ifs, no buts. I’m willing to let away my sleep and work so hard that I get an A* in my subject and do a few more A Levels if the colleges desires it. I just can’t miss the exposure and learning if i reach there. There are like 160 students and they are from 52 different countries in the world, most of them the best of their countries. Imagine what kind of mixed experience I would get if I go to NYUAD. Also the college has swimming pools and basketball courts. I’m not a pro but I would love to play those two sports in my years at college.

There’s no way I’m missing this college. I won’t have worry about paying for college if I reach there. All I need to worry about is exploring more and more and learning more to be a better version of me everyday. I’m trying to reach there for the experience, the mix of culture, the friends I will make from these different countries who will possibly be the diplomats, economists and scientists. I just can’t miss anything there.

And I already started with my application. I wrote answer to the “Why NYUAD?” question after a weeklong thinking. I need to submit recommendations and transcripts and I have time for that. I’ll be going a bit slow here. Need to make a lot of arrangements in this.


Those 400 words

How long does it take you to write 400 words on things that are on your mind? For me its 8 minutes. Every journal here is written with the timeframe of 8-10 minutes and normally they are more than 500 words long. Writing things that are in your mind is not a big deal when it doesn’t have to make much impact. Imagine if these 400 words were read by at least 1000 people everyday. You would have to check every goddamn word for correct english and you just can’t write things that are in your mind. It usually takes you longer than an hour and even more depending on the level of seriousness it needs to have.

It took me more than a week to find valid reasons to write answers to the “Why NYUAD?” question in the NYUAD application page in the CommonApp. These 400 words that I had to write in answer to this question really mattered a lot. It was one of the determining factors that would make it possible for me to enrol in the NYUAD in 2017. These 40 words would determine my future. These 400 words if not written with more caution and countless rechecks could completely destroy my application to the NYUAD. That’s what these 400 words had value of and that’s why it took me so long to write them.


Writing, as said by people, is not an easy job when you take it seriously. Not everyone is born with great writing abilities. The majority has to keep on writing to be able to write better every time. I also fall in that majority and it was already months that I hadn’t written any essays or solved any reasoning question. This lack of practice made it difficult for me to write those 400 words and after finally writing them after a tons of edits, I submitted them as my final response to the “Why NYUAD?” question in the CommonApp. I believe I have the best responses that I could think of in this question. I focused in cultural exchange, limitless experiences in learning and doing things I love to do and experiencing the country in a different perspective. I hope my essay impresses those who examine it.

That one book I wished not to end

It was already been a few months that I didn’t read a book seriously. Finally, I managed to get hands on one which was shared by a friend of mine on Facebook. Since it had mentions of journey to college and particularly NYUAD, the book immediately grabbed my attention. At first, I wanted to my hands on the book only because of the NYUAD name and because the friend mentioned it would be a good and interesting read to those applying for undergraduate studies. I fell in that category and with interest on learning more about the process and getting to more about the Abu Dhabi campus of The New York University, I clicked the link given with the hope of downloading it and devouring everything bits of useful information there. To my surprise, the link redirected me to Amazon and there was a price tag of $4.99 which shattered my hopes on learning more about the college for a few minutes until I discovered that I could read a ” Free Sample Copy” of the book. With a lot in eagerness, I clicked the ” Click here to read a sample copy button” and started my 22 page read of the book I was interested in from the start.

The first 22 pages, the high school experience of a student Michael Ttappous, were interested. He was somehow similar to how I used to be in my high school days and the “Journey to NYAUD title ” written by someone of similar caliber and interest added more hopes to my fading willingness to apply to that college I had been planning to since a year back. Reading the sample copy, I somehow felt as if I’m reading a book about my own high school, the only difference being he is thousands of miles far away from me and our A-Levels subject combinations being slightly different. Quickly, I finished with the sample copy and my mind demanded more of that book. Without wasting any time, I navigated to my friend’s profile seeing the link to Michael’s Facebook profile and asking him a copy of the book. He, at that time being in Cyprus, it was not possible for me to get a hardcopy of that book. I needed that book anyhow and I didn’t have means to pay the $4.99 tagline even if I wanted to. Our debit cards don’t work in online transactions.

Somebody said that humbleness and respect leads you farther than you can imagine. Navigating through pages of that book, Michael, the author of the book had gain my respect and I was humble enough to make him believe that I really wanted to read his book. Due to my requests and of course, his generosity, he threw the price tag for three days on Amazon so that I could take my time to download the book and still have some time if something wrong occurred in the process. Michael, I really want to thank you for providing me with the free copy of the book and keeping the book for free because I requested you to.

So, I got the book and I had enough time to read it. I started with the process discovering that I was getting really deep in the pages of the book. Sometimes I could see myself and sometimes I just couldn’t believe what things he had to go through on his process. The book gave me a clear idea that all you need to get a job done is have a strong dedication on your work and willingness on yourself to keep on going further every. There will be challenges and there will be hell lot of them but you need not to step down. You need to keep on trying more and have that enthusiasm in yourself that you can do it. There’s nothing you can’t go beyond. Sky is the only limit and sometimes, you might even explore above it. Boundaries will be there everywhere but there need to be motivation within you to jump from those boundaries until you reach the next one and there will be boundaries everywhere and you’ll just have to keep on trying your best to jump. Limitations keep on coming but as you keep on going beyond them, there will be a day when you’ll be free of them for once and forever.

Deferred: My Extraordinary Journey to The New York University of Abu Dhabi is a book written by Michael Ttappous and its a book I would recommend each and everyone to read, especially to those who are planning to pursue their higher studies abroad. As you go through pages, you’ll discover that the application process is not that easy. There will be things that are pretty messed up and there will be processes that will exhaust you and make you hopeless. Writing the application essay is not the only thing you need to do to apply to a university. There are lot more and reading this book, you’ll know the hardship you might have to go through. Without doubt, no one will have to suffer what Michael had to go through but there’s no way that your process with be very easy. There will be difficulties and you need to know that you will be able to solve it.

Note: I am in not way, associated with promotion of this book, The book is written by a friend of mine and I want people to read it. That’s why I am keeping the link here. Other words above are purely from the bottom of my heart are my own thoughts. One thing is for sure that the book is worth the 5$ you’ll spend on it.

College application is not that easy

College application is a troublesome process. The form  fill ups you need to do and the checkboxes you need to tick are not the only thing to be done. There are questions asking why are you specifically interested in that particular college and all that comes in your mind are things which at first seem like deal breaking thoughts but as you keep on improvising them, they seem puny. The same is happening to me. I have to write why am I particularly interested in the NYU but I have limited reasons for that. Yes, at first they seemed appealing but 2 hours later, trying to summarise them up in 400 words, they don’t seem that compelling. I will have to spend more time on learning more about this college and why would it be a better choice. Research seems to be the only key now. So I’ll be going on with researches, gather as much information I can and try to recollect my thoughts. Who know, maybe my application become the best they have ever received in their history.

In the meantime, I need to start with the research. NYU, I’m on my way and I’ll definitely make it there.  When I make it there, I have a lot of things to do.