Those candidate weekend videos and blogs

Its half hours past midnight and I’ve spent the past few hours on learning more about the New York University. I’m pretty much hyped about this college, the opportunity it provides and the kind of people I would meet if I reach there. The past hours were my 2 dimensional ways to learn more about the college. The videos I watched, the parts of the book written by Michael, present student in the NYUAD Campus added more to my will and dedication on making to the college anyhow. I just want to reach there, no exceptions, no ifs, no buts. I’m willing to let away my sleep and work so hard that I get an A* in my subject and do a few more A Levels if the colleges desires it. I just can’t miss the exposure and learning if i reach there. There are like 160 students and they are from 52 different countries in the world, most of them the best of their countries. Imagine what kind of mixed experience I would get if I go to NYUAD. Also the college has swimming pools and basketball courts. I’m not a pro but I would love to play those two sports in my years at college.

There’s no way I’m missing this college. I won’t have worry about paying for college if I reach there. All I need to worry about is exploring more and more and learning more to be a better version of me everyday. I’m trying to reach there for the experience, the mix of culture, the friends I will make from these different countries who will possibly be the diplomats, economists and scientists. I just can’t miss anything there.

And I already started with my application. I wrote answer to the “Why NYUAD?” question after a weeklong thinking. I need to submit recommendations and transcripts and I have time for that. I’ll be going a bit slow here. Need to make a lot of arrangements in this.