Homework with the kiddo 

Homeworks, everybody hates them.  Especially when you’re a kid in the lower KGs and your teacher gives you shitload of it, at least that’s what you think. You only realise that it was only abcds when you grow up and reach upper classes.

I just finished my high school and my younger brother studies in UKG. The homework he gets are repeating words , aakars and ookars. All that he has to do is write 20 words in a day and for that he wants 200 minutes in the timer. 

 That’s all his homework but he wants 200 minutes in timer. 

I miss my days in elementary school. The fun we had playing with mud,  the crazy little fights , the cows and daily swinning in janodaya’s pool. Life was exciting.


The visa

Today I got my study visa.

I still can’t belive I got my visa

I don’t want to go and work illegally with this visa 

I want to be a part of the research and experiments with the this visa 

I want to the world with this visa

IshanEvilSnakeLamsal, I got the US visa, dude you gotta send me some money so that I can give the party for getting this visa. 

2 days in Pokahara

4 days prior to the New Year 2017’s eve, I made a resolution that I’ll try visiting 12 different places and keep lots of memories of each and every place and post about them in this blog. Well, a few hours back, I came back from my first travel destination of the year – Pokhara.

Panoramic View of the Pokahara Valley from Peace Pagoda

Panoramic View of the Pokahara Valley from Peace Pagoda

This is the second time that I’ve been to Pokhara. A few months ago, I went there with my brothers and this time, it was for an official conference, with the club members. This time, I went for the Annual District Conference of Rotaract District 3292, the district in which our club- Rotaract Club of Chandragiri- lies in. I, along with the President, Vice President, Secretary and other dignitaries of our club went there to attend the conference. In my two years at Rotaract, this was the first time I went to a conference located outside the Kathmandu Valley, and I was excited about it. The two days at the beautiful city of lakes exceeded my expectations as I didn’t just attend the meeting and increased fellowship with other Rotaractors, but also visited the lakes, stupas, temples and enjoyed the nightlife there. Continue reading

A busy exciting New year’s eve 2016

It’s been 4 days past the New Year and I have been lazy ever since the first day of the year 2017 began. 2 days, I spent drinking and the remaining two, I am just idle and watched a few episodes of friends. Yes, I did go to the bank to register for the SAT and that counts as something active and not being lazy but I don’t know why I don’t feel like counting that thing as something productive. My grammar’s been messy as I haven’t written anything in the past 5 days. I’m a person with a fading memory and it so happens to me that if I don’t do an activity for a few days, I get terrible at it. You see, its just like an exercise that I’ll have to keep doing to keep myself active and knowledgable on that. That’s both my strength and my weakness. Strength because that keeps me motivated and energetic to keep on doing things and weakness, well, you know. My memory fades. So lets get back on the celebrations.

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Have you ever gone out with a person whom you’ve not known at all? Well, I did, just a few days ago. Turns out, it’s a really interesting thing to do and should be done often. You learn how to start a conversation with someone you didn’t know and once you get started, it’s really interesting to share your stories and learn theirs too. It is a good opportunity to know new people and develop a friendship, which can even turn out to be something really really good. Here’s my story, of a few days past, when i went out with Carolien, who I met on a social app. Before anything else, she is a wonderful person and she is friendly.

So, it started around a week back. We started talking. I messaged her first and was eagerly waiting for her to respond back. I kept refreshing the app eagerly waiting for her to respond. Hours passed but she didn’t. I thought maybe this was something usual, maybe she accidentally browsed through my profile and maybe I was anticipating too much. So I left it there and got on with my work.

The next day, I heard the notification tone. There was a message from this person I was eagerly waiting the other day. We exchanged greeting and got on talking. We talked for quite some time and it was going good. We exchanged out numbers, I added her on Facebook and we talked even more. Just when I thought maybe going out on a coffee won’t be a bad idea, I asked her out for it. And she said it would be a good idea. So there we go, two people who barely know each other, decided to meet for a coffee and maybe a few drinks in the evening. We decided to go out on a Friday night and I knew it would be good.

So, it’s Friday. We decided to meet at 3. I left from my home at 2. I knew there will be a messy traffic and I didn’t want her to keep waiting for me. That would create a negative impression of me and I don’t want people have to start having perceptions about me without actually knowing me. So I took a bus, which took me around 45 minutes to reach to Ratnapark. From there, I walked for around 15 minutes and just when it was 3, I texted her. A few minutes and she didn’t respond. I was still waiting, listening to songs. Just when I thought of calling her, I saw a girl running towards the place we were supposed to meet. I thought that was her but was still not sure. So, I waited for a moment and then she rested in front of the Garden of Dreams and then I called her. Turns out, it was her. I crossed the road, earphones still in my ear, and I was listening to “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez.

My god, she was beautiful. Deep eyes, tall, fair skin and a lovely smile. I was expecting her to be lovely and she exceeded my expectations. We started talking from there and it didn’t take us long to get along with each other. In a matter of minutes, we started talking about a lot of stuffs. We decided to go to Caffeine and have a coffee just as had planned earlier.

So there we are, in caffeine. I ordered an Americano and she went with cappuccino. Then we started talking about things again. The politics, the places we’ve been, the system here, Netherlands, where she comes from and about the village I spent my childhood in. I had promised to share some stories about my childhood and the things I’d seen and heard and I did that too. We talked about superstitions, gods, religions, our beliefs and a lot of other things. The coffee came and just as they say, wonderful conversations did start there in the table. We reached there at around 3:15 and time did seem to fly. It was already around 5:30 and I felt as if it had just been a few moments there at the coffeehouse. I asked what plans she had for the eve and she told about the dinner and drinks with her friends, planned for that night. I eagerly wanted to request her to postpone it for the evening and I so much wanted to have more talks with her but then, she was a person I just knew. I thought it would seem like I was stressing her. It was late already and we decided to head back home.

So, we are walking, in the street of Durbarmarg. Out of nowhere, things about past relationship came out. I frankly opened up everything to her. How it started, how it went and how it ended. The way I was talking about my past relationship, she thought I still loved that girl. She even told me to look in her eyes and say it. I looked in her eyes and told that I did not love my ex anymore. Maybe, she believed it then. She also told me about her past relationship and how bad it feels when things end. I knew how it felt. The end of the street came and we had to cross the road. It was time we say goodbye to each other.

So, we crossed the road and it was time for us to wave farewell. I was still not done with her. I wanted to spend more of the evening with her, even half an hour more would work for me. I had nothing to do when I went home and it was a weekend. I had just met a wonderful person with whom I could talk endless, without hesitation. With much anxiety, I asked maybe she could postpone her plans with her friend and we could have a few drinks. I thought she would directly say no but she didn’t. She called her friend, told her that she will be a bit late and we headed towards Thamel, the most happening place in the city and the place she lived in. I was really happy that I got to spend more time with her.

So we went to Sam’s bar. I had heard a lot about this place. They said it was a good place to hang out. We went there, ordered a beer and a diet coke- the coke was for her-, and started talking again. Trust me, when there are woods burning in front of you and there’s a person who listens to your talk, you need nothing more. You get caught in the moment and once again, time flies. We reached there at around 6 and it was already about 2 hours past. In between, her friend arrived there, we did the formal introduction and again started with the talk. Everything went well.

Again, it was time for us to say goodbyes. Before that, we talked on meeting again, after some days. I was happy that she said we will meet again. We hugged and said farewell to each other. I was still happy that i would get to meet her again, have a cup of coffee or a beer and talk hours again.

So yeah, that’s how it went. From strangers to someone you feel comfortable sharing your stories, it went really good. Then we again started talking in Facebook. Again, I would be the first one to message and she would reply all my messages.

But since the morning, she isn’t replying any of my texts. I hope she is good. She said that she was sick, I hope she is better now. I hope she does good with her life and I hope she keeps smiling forever.

Damn, I wrote long. This will be something to look back and smile a year back or two. 🙂


An escape from the regularity : Whoopie Land

This morning, when I woke up, I had no idea that I would be suffering from common cold and runny nose on the night. Well, nobody knows what’s gonna happen next but had I controlled myself and told my mother I won’t be joining her in the Whoopie Land amusement part and writing 2 journals in my blog today, I definitely would not be holding a tissue in my hand at this point of time and cursing myself not being able to sleep. Still, I don’t have those huge regret feelings for having to hold tissues. Whoopie Land was interesting, entertaining and most of all, thrilling. I would possibly never go on a 360 degree ride if I had not gone to that amazing place today.
Let’s begin with a picture of the three brothers who decided to go with mother to have thrills in the newly opened water part, the Whoopie Land.

The blog writer is the one taking the selfie.

The blog writer is the one taking the selfie.

Four from our family and my mother’s friend with her daughter, there were six of us. The day, for us began at 11:30 when we made out way to the amusement part bidding farewell to the apartment for the next couple of hours. I myself locked the doors and handed the keys to mother. We took a bus and went Chovar. Chovar Height is where this adventurous spot lies. We took the tickets costing 700 each for adults and 450 for that little kid showing his tongue in the picture above. His name is Kyush and he is the youngest man in the family. This little dude is why I’m still living and enjoying my days at home.

So we reached there, took the tickets and went in. All we wanted was to dive in the waters, slide in those 20-metres long sloppy water slides and enjoy the day. And that is exactly what we did there. We started with the slide. We( the one taking the selfie and the one with somehow Wolverine beard ) took separate ways than what others in our group took. We aimed for the slide and for the first time in life, smoothly slipped down from that 20-metre high water slide.  Don’t ask me for the experience. For the first time ever, I had an experience of man-made thrill. It was awesome. The slow start, the rapid movement in the frictionless plastic tube and again slowing down and finally falling down rapidly with the average velocity of around 35km/hr and that huge water slam on your face with water entering on your mouth and nose. That’s one hell of a thrill and once was just not enough. I did it again and again, at least 5 times today and everytime I go there, I’ll do it till I am satisfied.  That’s just a single slide. There were two more. One was with a big tube and that was one long ride down. It was with some extra security and the other one was the one with no security at all. There was water flowing down the tube and you just lie down facing the sun and the water pushes you down. I did it once and it was thrilling too. The things is, had I done it two more times, I possibly would have seriously hurt my shoulder and the entire body. It was dangerous and once was surely enough for today.

The next and the most thrilling things I did was The Ranger. I always wanted to experience a 360 degree swing and that’s what The Ranger gave me. Yes, a 360 degree swing being inside a cage with 20 other people screaming and shouting. That was one hell of an awesome experience. That’s the most thrilling and chilling experience of my life. One moment you’re facing the sun and the next, you’re sitting upside down with your hands giving hell lot of pressure on the stand to make your position comfortable. Words simply can’t describe it and neither do I have videos of The Thrilling Ranger to show what it actually was. You need real guts to do that thing more than once. Guess what, I had those guts.  There were more thrilling things to do but nothing matched the level of The Ranger. There was a columbus ride, a bull ride, the whoopie cage ride ( that’s something I made myself. I don’t know the actual name of it), the dinosaur part boating and more.

Although the pool was as deep as I expected it to be, diving in the water after falling down at a speed of 35+km/hr certainly was interesting. The pool was, to its max, 5feet and eight inches. I’m 5’10 and there was no place in the entire water part where I would drown. I would just jump here and there and keep on diving because I knew I was invincible and the water there had no power to stop me. Also, I had recently learnt how to swim. Swimming lasted for almost two hours. I saw, my brothers did and my mother and her friend and her daughter also did swim. I, specially had some wonderful moments with my little brother on the pool. To my surprise, even he knew how to swim and even he would fearlessly go on the kid’s slide and roll down. That was an interesting thing to see.

For us, the day ended when we finished the swimming, changed our clothes and went for those thrilling rides.After all those, we decided to leave the part and go home. We ascended the part waving goodbyes to all those awesome stuffs there. Nearby the exit, I met this wonderful buddy.

the writer with the wonderful wise tree

the writer with the wonderful wise Treeman

Oh, them eyes. Those wonderful eyes and those wonderful Nursery rhymes that would play when I caressed those soft resin barks. I just wished it was late night and the lights would suddenly go and I would carry treeman and run away from there. Treeman was wonderful and so were his eyes and the leaves. And he surely did like me. Just see his smile and those eyes. Treeman, I will miss you till next time. I know you would do the same.

So, after all of rider and waving farewell to the part, we made our way to home. I called my mom, told her I’m going home, took the keys and left the part. We had to wait for a couple of minutes and the Dakshinkali bus finally came. Before all of this, during my last moments at the part, I took this picture.

The Whoopie Land Amusement Water Park

The Whoopie Land Amusement Water Park

I have a panoramic shot of this place and will be posting it soon. For now, this is the Whoopie Land Amusement and Water Park and its a must go place for those who want to beat the heat and get away from the dusty streets of Kathmandu and all the vehicle noises. Tickets are 700 for adults and 450 for kids. Its a wonderful place and I bet you’ll love it just like I did.

Footnote: No promotional stuff going here. I am, in no way, affiliated to this amusement park. This was the first time I went to a water part and since I’m excited, I wrote this piece. I would definitely recommend people to go there but I ain’t getting anything for doing any of these. Just personal feeling and words describing them. Have fun fellas.