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Going to College after 2 months, gotta make money to support myself!

What’s good in writing?

You know what’s good in Writing?

It’s the feelings, that you let flow. It’s the light heart you get once everything flows out of your heart. It’s the heaviness that rests after everything is rested and told and written.

I feel light now. At least I don’t have the regret that would always have been inside me had I not told it.

The day’s been pretty bad. It’s gonna be a good night and the start of a new exciting day tomorrow 🙂




What it needs when you have to have a party when you’re 21?

A bunch of people who want to party with you?

10 bottles of whiskey and 50 bottles of beer?

A beautiful room or a lawn where you can smoke / drink?


What else do you need? What do you really need?

Just have a good education and a sponsorship/ a good job. You have people at stations where you live.

What will it take me to have a life that my brother lives, in NJ?

Lemme get the things first.

  • A 2 Bedroom house with 2 separate baths
  • A university for degree
  • A decent paying job
  • Couple of bottles of beer in the fridge every time
  • A big TV at the living room
  • A decent room with a good bed in it

+  a girlfriend .

For that, I think, I’ll be needing , in my estimates,

  • 3000$ a month in earning
  • Time to attend college
  • Time to study things at home
  • Time for my girlfriend
  • Happiness in what I do

You see, life’s fulfilled even when I’m living with 5 others in a 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. I just want things to be better. Step by step, month by month. This month, I’ll be doing 1K a month, the next 1300 and a gradual increase, with enough time for all other stuffs.

What I need to do is get my skills better. Maybe go a few hours on maxbounty? Maybe a few high paying articles? Who knows, maybe just these two thing will give me 100 grands a year ??


The apartment hunt

I have less than 2 weeks in Nepal. I have no place to stay in New Jersey when I reach there. My brother lives 1400 miles away from me in the States. I talked to a club senior and requested him to find me a room for rent. I rejected a room that was available. I even had a brief talk with a transgender male who had a room for sharing. My apartment hunting experience has been quite a story to tell.

With everything that’s happened, I still don’t have an apartment or a room to stay in when my college starts. I had a brief moment of relief till tonight but then Sagar’s landlord also told him to leave his place. Now neither my friend- with whom I’d planned to live with till I get a room-  has a room, and nor do I. Bed bugs were the reason of his expulsion and I still can’t figure out why I still can’t find a room.

Anyways, the hunt is still on. Today, I send applications to almost 5 rentals that were available.  I’m hoping for some replies by tomorrow. If none arrives, I’ll send some more application. Still, there are 13 days left. There are countless of apartments available and there’s still some time left. Hopefully, I’ll have a couple of apartments for viewing before I reach the States.


Work, Work, Work!

Today, I am willing to do something.

I have the enthusiasm to start working from early morning. It’s 4th of July, and I have 28 more days before I fly off to the States. I still have a few things to complete like

  • No Objection Letter
  • Document Attestation
  • SAT Score Reporting
  • Shopping

These things are going to take 3 days of my remaining time, which means whatever I want to do, I have 26 more days.

I’ll start working on one of my blogs from today. Maybe I’ll buy a domain and a hosting and register the collegepossibilities blog. I see bigger prospects on that things. I’ll work a few months to generate awesome contents.

Two months, 20 posts, 20,000 Twitter Followers and 20,000 visitors on my blog every month. This will give me 200$ a month of advertising revenue and hundreds more from other streams.

I’ll start working on this from today and I’ll keep updating on how things go.