What it needs when you have to have a party when you’re 21?

A bunch of people who want to party with you?

10 bottles of whiskey and 50 bottles of beer?

A beautiful room or a lawn where you can smoke / drink?


What else do you need? What do you really need?

Just have a good education and a sponsorship/ a good job. You have people at stations where you live.


The bailout

I am not bailing out on my friend.. No matter what happens, I am never gonna bail out on my friend . We are roomies. I am not going to ruin my friendship over a job. C’mon, I’m a  blogger, I can blog always write and earn. \


What will it take me to have a life that my brother lives, in NJ?

Lemme get the things first.

  • A 2 Bedroom house with 2 separate baths
  • A university for degree
  • A decent paying job
  • Couple of bottles of beer in the fridge every time
  • A big TV at the living room
  • A decent room with a good bed in it

+  a girlfriend .

For that, I think, I’ll be needing , in my estimates,

  • 3000$ a month in earning
  • Time to attend college
  • Time to study things at home
  • Time for my girlfriend
  • Happiness in what I do

You see, life’s fulfilled even when I’m living with 5 others in a 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. I just want things to be better. Step by step, month by month. This month, I’ll be doing 1K a month, the next 1300 and a gradual increase, with enough time for all other stuffs.

What I need to do is get my skills better. Maybe go a few hours on maxbounty? Maybe a few high paying articles? Who knows, maybe just these two thing will give me 100 grands a year ??