The Thousand dollar goal

Time’s flying. Graduation feels like yesterday but appeared in my Facebook memories a day before. As time passes by, my days remaining to attend a university are lessening. There’s only about 4 months remaining for me to go to college. Damn, it’s so hard to write when you’ve been out of work for a few days and have done nothing productive in those days. I can’t even think of words to writeSO yeah, college is near and as days pass by the worries increase. The fact that I’ll be needing more than a thousand dollars every month to sustain myself in New Jersey and will only have 80 hours max. to work worries me. 720$ a month of earning and 1000$+ in expenses in freaky. How will I even sustain there. I can’t ask for money to my brother every now and then. Has has his own things to worry about and I can’t add in the burden.

And I don’t even want to work my asses off during the summer break. I wish to travel during those breaks, not having to worry about how much money I have in my pocket to spend. While in the college, I want to make somewhere near $1500, while working the 20 legal hours in college. For that, I’ll have to plan something better.

I think it’s finally the time to back to blogging. The 4 months, if I utilize it effectively, I can make a steady $400 income stream from there. And for that, I don’t need to work hard too. The first 4 months, my days in Nepal, if I devote it to making a wonderful blog with splendid content, I won’t have to worry much about paying for college and living expenses.

SO I think I’ll do that. I’ll get on with blogging again, only thins time it will be money motivated. I’ll first brush up my writing skills and then create a website and start writing. I just want this thing to be worth the time I spend on it.



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