Breaking the news

I’m pretty psyched today. I’ve been on the internet for almost 10 hours now and all of these hours, I spent on reading affairs and publishing short breaking news on them. I published 23 breaking news in the last 12 hours and I’m not done yet. The portal where I write is currently on maintenance and I have a couple of hours in my hand. I planned on using this time to write here, on my personal blog.

Never had I realized writing such short and immediate news would be so fascinating and rewarding. It pays pretty good, 10$ per day and I get to work all of the 30 days. There are bonus and stock options available too, so it’s a plus point from all sides. Also, you get to know what’s happening around the world and it’s really fascinating to know the world, immediately after things happen. By now, I know North Korea launched missiles, there’s avian flu in chickens in Tennessee and Wisconsin, a fisherman shot dead and there’s much more stuffs. I’m pretty psyched.

I have a few months of free time and I utilize this time in learning about the world and earn enough for my survival, there’s nothing for my need. I can afford my weekend expenditures and daily expenses. I can also buy things I like with the money I make. This is fascinating.

Also, I got an email from Caldwell. They offered my only a $1000 in Residence Awards and this makes a total of $28,000. I’ve asked for 6 more grands and if they make it available for me, then only will I go there. Else, there’s Troy and Troy is not bad either. Let’s hope everything falls in place.



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