How old does a person have to be to start taking their lives seriously. I’ve seen some who haven’t had a job even in their late twenties and I’ve seen some who started working their asses off since they were fifteen. For me, I think it’s about time that I start getting serious in life. I really need to start planning things out for the days that are to come.

No, I don’t mean to get a job that pays fine, rent a house and start planning for the family. I’m still young for stuffs like that. Technically, I can’t even go to a pub and have a pint of beer if I were in United States. I’m talking about getting organized in life. It’s been such a mess. I can’t sleep in the night, can’t wake up in the morning and do nothing productive throughout the day. Just a few episodes, four meals and a gallon of water. I’m always in my bed and I hardly write 2 articles a week. I thought this was what I wanted when I was still in school. The relaxation, the movies and chill, the have-nothing-to-do kind of life. I thought that was what I craved of but now, when I’ve been experiencing this kind of life for a few months, I know I am better and I should get moving. I got to hit the roads. I got to get organized.

So from now, I’ll do at least 4 pieces of professional article writing, which will cover my weekly costs. $35 a week is more than enough for me and the 4 articles that I’ll write will ensure that. Also, I need to get healthier. I can’t recall the last time I stretched my body nice. I need to start worrying about my physical hygiene too. Also, ciggrates can be a problem. I need to reduce the number of fags I smoke everyday. Maybe just 2 per day and then Friday will be the cheat day for beers and ciggs.

Above everything else, I need to get it in my head that I only have 5 more months in Nepal and I have thought of so much to do in these 5 months. I want to go and live with my grandmother for 2 weeks, meet all of my friends, go to the Rara lake, make sure that the friendship I have right now doesn’t end after I leave the country and above all, have a lot of love for my parents even after I go away from them, for years. I suck at talking with my own family, I always get in fights with my mother and I have hurted her lots of times. I need to make everything right and I need to start working on that from today.

Writing does help. I’m feeling a bit sleepy now. My eyes are blinking and there’s a sound that seems like it’s raining outside. But it isn’t. I went to check.  The tea and maggie is almost ready and I’m hungry too. I’ll have those and maybe go to sleep now.



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