Breaking the news

I’m pretty psyched today. I’ve been on the internet for almost 10 hours now and all of these hours, I spent on reading affairs and publishing short breaking news on them. I published 23 breaking news in the last 12 hours and I’m not done yet. The portal where I write is currently on maintenance and I have a couple of hours in my hand. I planned on using this time to write here, on my personal blog.

Never had I realized writing such short and immediate news would be so fascinating and rewarding. It pays pretty good, 10$ per day and I get to work all of the 30 days. There are bonus and stock options available too, so it’s a plus point from all sides. Also, you get to know what’s happening around the world and it’s really fascinating to know the world, immediately after things happen. By now, I know North Korea launched missiles, there’s avian flu in chickens in Tennessee and Wisconsin, a fisherman shot dead and there’s much more stuffs. I’m pretty psyched.

I have a few months of free time and I utilize this time in learning about the world and earn enough for my survival, there’s nothing for my need. I can afford my weekend expenditures and daily expenses. I can also buy things I like with the money I make. This is fascinating.

Also, I got an email from Caldwell. They offered my only a $1000 in Residence Awards and this makes a total of $28,000. I’ve asked for 6 more grands and if they make it available for me, then only will I go there. Else, there’s Troy and Troy is not bad either. Let’s hope everything falls in place.




How old does a person have to be to start taking their lives seriously. I’ve seen some who haven’t had a job even in their late twenties and I’ve seen some who started working their asses off since they were fifteen. For me, I think it’s about time that I start getting serious in life. I really need to start planning things out for the days that are to come.

No, I don’t mean to get a job that pays fine, rent a house and start planning for the family. I’m still young for stuffs like that. Technically, I can’t even go to a pub and have a pint of beer if I were in United States. I’m talking about getting organized in life. It’s been such a mess. I can’t sleep in the night, can’t wake up in the morning and do nothing productive throughout the day. Just a few episodes, four meals and a gallon of water. I’m always in my bed and I hardly write 2 articles a week. I thought this was what I wanted when I was still in school. The relaxation, the movies and chill, the have-nothing-to-do kind of life. I thought that was what I craved of but now, when I’ve been experiencing this kind of life for a few months, I know I am better and I should get moving. I got to hit the roads. I got to get organized.

So from now, I’ll do at least 4 pieces of professional article writing, which will cover my weekly costs. $35 a week is more than enough for me and the 4 articles that I’ll write will ensure that. Also, I need to get healthier. I can’t recall the last time I stretched my body nice. I need to start worrying about my physical hygiene too. Also, ciggrates can be a problem. I need to reduce the number of fags I smoke everyday. Maybe just 2 per day and then Friday will be the cheat day for beers and ciggs.

Above everything else, I need to get it in my head that I only have 5 more months in Nepal and I have thought of so much to do in these 5 months. I want to go and live with my grandmother for 2 weeks, meet all of my friends, go to the Rara lake, make sure that the friendship I have right now doesn’t end after I leave the country and above all, have a lot of love for my parents even after I go away from them, for years. I suck at talking with my own family, I always get in fights with my mother and I have hurted her lots of times. I need to make everything right and I need to start working on that from today.

Writing does help. I’m feeling a bit sleepy now. My eyes are blinking and there’s a sound that seems like it’s raining outside. But it isn’t. I went to check.  The tea and maggie is almost ready and I’m hungry too. I’ll have those and maybe go to sleep now.


Good Friday

So, it’s Saturday today and I’m home, feeling weak and craving for some delicacies. And I’m having difficulty writing this blog post as my eye’s blinking and it feels like I’m getting dizzy. Oh man, I’m really hungry right now. It’s 12:01 and it’s only been 2 and a half hours that I ate a heavy meal. Guess that’s because of yesterday. Let’s go to what happened yesterday.

Yesterday was a fun day. We have a rule that Fridays should be interesting. We, brothers, make sure that we drink a lot of booze, talk about a lot of things, laugh and smoke a lot. And we did all of that. At least I did. The fact that I puked shamelessly for 1 hour proves that thing that I had a lot of fun yesterday night.

The day began at 8:30. That’s the time I wake up. And it’s pretty early these days. I’m trying to sleep less than 8 hours a day and read books and do stuff. I find going to sleep boring and a waste of time and that’s made me continue reading “The Divine Comedy”. It’s been a few days that I’ve read that book every night, except for Friday. I do my normal stuffs till 11P.M. and then when I lie down in the bed and can’t go to sleep, I open iBooks and continue with Dante’s Divine Comedy. And I read it for a few minutes, get asleep unknowingly and after a few minutes, wake up. Then again, I can’t sleep, read for a few minutes and then finally go to sleep. This process goes in a loop every night and I’ve been averaging 20 pages a day. At least that’s better than doing nothing and sleeping like a cat.


So yeah, I woke up at 8:30, got freshened up, took my food, went for a fag. It was about 12 when I was back home after having a cigg. Then I started thinking about the evening. We knew we were going to Sam’s Bar and I’d been there before. The first time, it was with Carolien, followed by the New Year’s eve party at Sam’s with my brothers. Sam’s is fun and I really love it. Actually, I was the one who recommended this bar to my group. I was pretty excited and was waiting for it to be 5P.M.. That was when we were leaving from home, since it was Friday and we didn’t want to miss a chance of not having a table for us. So I waited, impatiently, till 4 and suddenly started thinking about writing an article. Earlier that day, when I was having a fag at Rainbow Restaurant, I’d noticed that there were fewer Micro Buses running in the road. Few days back, I had read about the new legislation implemented by the Government of Nepal that won’t allow vehicles older than 20 year to be on the road. 3 days had passed since the legislation and there really weren’t much of old vehicles running. I was pretty happy seeing that. So, I started writing about the new legislation and its impact. It took some time and I could finally write around 600 words on the idea. That 600 words meant 6$ of income for me and that amount would cover my expense for a few days. So I finished writing, emailed it to my article guy and started dressing up for the evening. Before dressing up, I called Atish one last time to inform him that we will be leaving for the club soon. He told me that he was coming home and we will go together. So, I didn’t dress up and went down for another fag. Atish was back from the office and said we should be leaving soon. I returned home and started dressing. I put on a nice red shirt, a black pant, an informal coat and black. Damn, I looked good. Earlier that day, I also went to trim my hair. I wanted to look nice, and I did look nice. Then atish dressed up, we took a cab and went to Thamel. Before that, I bought a mini-pack for the evening.  We headed towards Sam’s, lighting a fag in the cab.

So, we finally reached Sam’s. Seeing the menu, Old Durbar 40 ml. seemed nice and inexpensive too. We ordered that and soon Sabil and Pukar joined us. 2 more drinks came and there was cheers and sipping in. It felt nice, having a relaxed drink after a week. That’s what Fridays are about, relaxation, drinks and the ambiance. Everybody loves that, I am no exception. So I started sipping. The table that we were in was a bit small so we told Sunil Dai, the service guy to reserve us a table after it get empty. A few minutes after, a nice table was available and we immediately shifted there, with our drinks. Again, a cheers for the new table and a soothing music in the background. I was loving this.

Now comes the part that I like the most about this bar. Meeting strangers and having a talk. There was a guy, Kurt, sitting next to me in the other table. He started the talk asking me how’s my day going. I replied good and asked him about his day. Then talks followed and I came to know that he was from California, USA. We talked about religion, politics, Donald Trump, and a lot of other things. That guy had a friend and these two were in Nepal for seeing birds. It was their Major in College. We had a nice chat, good laughs and a couple of fags. He even said that he will add me in Facebook. We talked about picking up girls, illegal prostitution in America and a lot of other things. I shared my part of knowledge about Nepal and he imparted his about America. Then they went and we started having our normal talks. In between, my friends seemed annoyed seeing me talk to someone who was not on our group. But it didn’t matter to me.

Then after, few more drinks followed, few more fags and a few more bag of chips. We were having fun and to add it up, Ashish came by. Again a cheers for the brother and a few more drinks and good talks. Friday was going really good. Then, when it felt that we had enough of drinks, we paid the bill, booked a cab and came home. I was wasted by now. Everything seemed blurry.

Once we reached our apartment, I paid my part of the fare, rushed towards my apartment and threw off my clothes and directly went to the bathroom, and puked. I could not open my eyes. It was worthless trying, so I didn’t. I asked Nischal for a glass of water, cleaned my mouth and drank it. Comes another round of vomit, the procedure follows. After a few minutes, Nischal went to sleep. He was drunk too, in the same level that I was. The only difference was that he could digest it and I could not. It’s good that I can’t. I don’t get hammered the next day since I puke out everything the day I’m drunk. The vomiting happened for almost an hour and then when it felt that I was finally good, I cleaned my mouth again and went to the kitchen and had a glass of water. Then I came to my bed and I don’t even know when I fell asleep. Then the next day, Keyush came and woke me up and I was fresh like I never drank. Then came food, a fag and a cup of coffee and this blogpost.

Back in Sam’s, I met the founder of the bar. Sam is her name and she is the bartender there. I went in the bar two times to talk to her. She seemed really busy but she didn’t ignore me. She told me that she was the founder of this bar and … i don’t remember. I was drunk. But I met her, had two drinks from the bar and lit a fag there. She didn’t allow me to smoke in the serving area so I apologized and came back to join my friends.

SO, Friday was awesome. I had a lot of fun and I’m going to some other place the next weekend. Maybe De Javu Club. We have a plan and we will go there. It’s a bit expensive so I’ll have to manage around 3-4 thousand bucks for the eve. I’ll write a few articles and the money will be there. Just 4000 words and I’m on the way to the club. I hope this new place will be as much exciting as Sam’s was. I’ll write that up the diary, the next saturday.