Being better in my feild

Everyone has their sources of inspiration. Some find Gods, some books, some characters of a sci-fi movie and some find inspirations from those who they know of. I fall in the category of those who get inspired by the ones they know. Some are the members of my family, some my friends and some my seniors in school that have reached places. Yes, I do envy and every time  the envy gives me the rush to do things, I fail miserably. Never did I thought of why did it happen.. until today.

I read a lot of stuffs today. Economies, Donald Trump, a research paper by a Stanford lecturer and a lot of articles. What I realized as I kept reading was that once you start opening your mind and pouring down the knowledge, you possess the ability not just to think about the subject matter you’re learning about, but also develop ideas on things that aren’t even related. As an example, I was reading about an article written in CNN by a Latino-american Journalist regarding how challenging it was for her to be a reporter, covering the 2016 election, unbiased. I read the article thoroughly and read two other articles that followed. I don’t know how but I was catching each and every phrase that had a meaning and relevancy to the article. My mind was going crazy and I didn’t know why. And just when I was about to finish the third article, I got something in my mind.

I get motivated by those who I know of. Some are social activists, some 
born in the riches and I know will carry their legacy, some are geniuses
studying in the ivys and some are the very friends and relatives that I've
been in contact with. Everytime I envied them and got the rush to do stuff,
I tried doing what they did. I tried reading physics, learning biology,
spent hours practicing to code and tried to learn about the business world.
Everytime I envied, I thought of doing what they did and reached where they
are now. Never did I thought of using that rush I got and applying it in
doing the things I try to do. Never did I thought of using that rush to
craft a wonderful article or learn more about SEO and Advertising. I tend
to forget that these people have reached where they are now by following th
eir passion rather than admiring others and trying to be what they can't.
Now I've learnt of my major reason of failure and I will try stopping mysel
f from doing the mistake again. The next time I get a rush, I will get my l
aptop out and start playing a multiplayer Dota2 match or start penning down
the things I know of blogging and create a wonderful article.Or maybe I'll
start speaking in front of the mirror or a topic that comes in my head
because I have the passion for it too. I've known that the rush matters, 
and given that one uses it properly, there's no way of failure.

It’s been hours that I started reading today and these hours have been well spent. Instead of lying idle and watching movies, I learnt about the relationship between productivity and working hours, the blue-collar and white-collar jobs. I wrote this piece on my blog, after more than a week, which counts for proper time utilization. And above all, I learnt why I failed everytime I got the rush and now I know what to do when it happens again.



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