Its all habitual

Currently Playing : luv  Artist, I have no idea who , just a catchy song, heavy autotune, but good :

It’s all habitual, isn’t it? Jan 11 was the last time I wrote something and since then there’s been no piece of writing done. It’s not that I was a pro-writer or something but I used to be good at making lines to write when I was writing regularly. At least I would have a decent starting line. Now, I couldn’t find anything and just started with the song that just played.

Bob Dylan’s playing now and These Times They are A’ Changing is one good song. Actually all of his songs are good and meaningful. It’s not everyday that a singer and a lyricist wins the Nobel Prize. Happens rarely and the Nobel Community makes no mistakes, at least not this time when they chose Dylan. Let’s get back to the point.

As I have come to the realization that I am getting dumber day after day since I’m not doing any research and write activity, I am starting the read-write journey from tonight. For the good start, I am writing this journal, and after this, I’ll be reading The Divine Comedy, at least a few chapter. Since I am no good in poetry and know nothing on the Italian language, I have The Divine Comedy, comprehended,  downloaded in the English version. I’m going to start reading it and go through a few pages, at least.

Too many days have passed doing nothing except for the games. So, I’ve decided that I’ll write at least a page everyday and read a few pages everyday. That way, I can at least keep up with the habitual reading-writing phenomenon and no day will there ever be that I’ll feel writing a pain in the ass.



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