2 days in Pokahara

4 days prior to the New Year 2017’s eve, I made a resolution that I’ll try visiting 12 different places and keep lots of memories of each and every place and post about them in this blog. Well, a few hours back, I came back from my first travel destination of the year – Pokhara.

Panoramic View of the Pokahara Valley from Peace Pagoda

Panoramic View of the Pokahara Valley from Peace Pagoda

This is the second time that I’ve been to Pokhara. A few months ago, I went there with my brothers and this time, it was for an official conference, with the club members. This time, I went for the Annual District Conference of Rotaract District 3292, the district in which our club- Rotaract Club of Chandragiri- lies in. I, along with the President, Vice President, Secretary and other dignitaries of our club went there to attend the conference. In my two years at Rotaract, this was the first time I went to a conference located outside the Kathmandu Valley, and I was excited about it. The two days at the beautiful city of lakes exceeded my expectations as I didn’t just attend the meeting and increased fellowship with other Rotaractors, but also visited the lakes, stupas, temples and enjoyed the nightlife there.

The visit to Pokhara didn’t just give me a chance to see a wonderful city but also an opportunity to meet and know other Rotaractors. I got to know the current District Rotaract Representative(DRR), the DRRs appointed for the coming two years, the DRRs who have help the position in the past and a lot of other dignitaries. I met hundreds of people and expanded my connection as a Rotaractor. Next time, if our club plans on organizing an event, we will be assisted by a lot of people, who we came to know from this conference.

The District Conference also gave me a gist of what Rotaract actually is and why people join this wonderful club. We are non-religious, non-political and we work for the betterment of others. We don’t expect the club to give us any money and we have to get the funds required for the events that we want to attend by ourselves. Still, there’s a feeling of pride and a sense of responsibility of being in Rotaract, This Annual District Conference gave me that seriousness for Rotaract which I couldn’t get in the two years that I joined. I will plan more activities, be involved in lots of events organized by other clubs and expand my fellowship. Rotaract is worldwide and having connections doesn’t hurt at all.

Now, let’s get to the photos. I got to visit a lot of places and I have photos of all of them. But they are in my Digital Camera and I can’t find its data cable. So I’ll only be posting the photos that are in my phone as of now and will get with other photos as soon as I find my data cable.



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