A busy exciting New year’s eve 2016

It’s been 4 days past the New Year and I have been lazy ever since the first day of the year 2017 began. 2 days, I spent drinking and the remaining two, I am just idle and watched a few episodes of friends. Yes, I did go to the bank to register for the SAT and that counts as something active and not being lazy but I don’t know why I don’t feel like counting that thing as something productive. My grammar’s been messy as I haven’t written anything in the past 5 days. I’m a person with a fading memory and it so happens to me that if I don’t do an activity for a few days, I get terrible at it. You see, its just like an exercise that I’ll have to keep doing to keep myself active and knowledgable on that. That’s both my strength and my weakness. Strength because that keeps me motivated and energetic to keep on doing things and weakness, well, you know. My memory fades. So lets get back on the celebrations.

Its 31st December and I woke up at 7:30. It’s a Saturday and God, everybody hates when they have to wake up early. I have an alarm that buzzes every Saturday @ 7 A.M. and snoozes for 3 times in an interval of 5 minutes, and I still don’t wake up. Only after I suddenly realise that there’s something important, my brain starts functioning high, body gets heated up enough for me to be able to throw the blanket and run to the washroom. Yes, that’s what happens everytime I have to wake up early and that’s the exact same procedure of the Saturday @ 31st. I had a club meeting that starts at 8 30 and that meeting had a lot of value for me. That day, I needed to get the letter of recommendation from the president of Rotaract Club of Chandragiri and that was the only day I could meet Dewan dai, our club’s president.

So I woke up, got freshened up and headed towards the club biting an apple. I didn’t want to dehydrate my body in the early morning as after an hour or two, I had to smoke. That’s how it goes in every club meeting. We finish the meeting and we go to Ghale dai’s Tea Shop, have a cup of milk tea for Rs. 10 and smoke a cigg or two. That’s the best part of the day, actually. You talk a lot, you discuss things and in the end, you all gather, laugh, make jokes and have a cuppa tea and a cigg. And that’s what happened that day: Meetings, jokes and tea.

Now three more events awaited for the day to finish: recommendation, birthday and the eve celebration. First things first, I wanted the recommendation from my employee, for whom I worked for two months. He promised that he’ll write and he did. The only thing remaining was that I had to assist him in the submission process.

So, I headed home from the club, greeted my cousin a very happy birthday, took a few selfies with him, got freshened up and ate a lot of birthday food. Meat, vegetables, rice, dal  and pickles; man I love all of these.

After that, I headed home, changed my clothes and along with Sabil, got to the office where I worked few months past. We knew Ashish would be late so we went to complete Sabil’s unfinished business.

So we went to Thamel to book two rooms. Sabil and his friends were planning to stay there after the eve. Five girls and Sabil, he was living the dream. Just as I saw the rooms’ keys, I remembered that I didn’t give my home’s keys back to my mother before leaving. Damn, what did I do. I was far from home and it would take me time to go back. As Sabil had his bike, I requested him to ride back home, give the keys and again come back to the office. I even promised I would put a liter of fuel in his bike. He was happy and we went home. I called my cousin and told him to reach at the bus stop where I would give him the keys and go back for my unfinished business.

So we did that. I gave the keys and we headed back to the office. Still, Ashish was not there. So we headed to a tea shop, had a juice and a cigg and returned back to the office gate. This time, Ashish came and we all went up. He searched for the recommendation file, configured the printer and printed my recommendation. Then, the scanning process went and it was, my recommendation from my employer. I told him the process and everything was done.

Now we were to head to my cousin’s birthday.

We bough a cake from Krishna Pauroti and headed towards Bhetghat Restraunt. There again, I wished Atish a very happy birthday and told him that I intentionally didn’t wish him in Facebook. My reason was, “well, you live a block away from me, we meet almost everyday and at 12 in the night, you’ll be talking to barsha. so there’s no point in calling you at the midnight to wish for your birthday. And if its not 12 in midnight, let it 12 in the noon. And I did that, I wished you at 12 in the noon”. He was still mad at me and I didn’t care much. I knew he was faking. He is the cousin that I love the most and he can be mad at me sometimes. He is my brother. And there was Vivek, another cousin of mine. He is older than me and he is a dear one too. We shook hands, started talking, ordered cups of tea and ciggs and were already excited for the birthday and the eve. The tea came, there came the ciggrates and our talks reached levels deep. The place was almost empty, except for us and we were laughing out hearts out. We didn’t care what others thought. It was our day.

So, drinks started pouring in, and we didn’t hesitate to finish these off.More drinks came and all of them finished. More and more still came and all of these finished. I can’t describe the talks that I had that day, fading memory, remember? We had a lot of drinks and hell lot of fun. It was time we headed out for the eve celebration . Atish called for the bill. It was more than 15K. It was his treat but it was in the morality to pay at least some for what you’ve enjoyed. I had a couple of grands so I took out a thousand and gave it to him. Nischal gave 500 rupees. Vivek didn’t have much that day else he wouldn’t neglect the bill, ever.

So, bills paid, drinks and food finished and a birthday wished. Now it was time we headed towards Thamel, the city that doesn’t sleep in Nepal. Called a taxi, bargained for the fare and took one and reached Durbarmarg. The traffic was high so we decided to take a 10 minute long walk from there to reach the destination. 10 minutes of walk, 50 rupees less paid for that and we reached Thamel. There, we sat at a place and took a cup of tea and a cigg again.

Now the destinations were to separate. Atish had his friends calling him countless of times and we had no place to go. I had gone to Sam’s just a week back and I knew that place would be really good for a eve with brothers. Three of us-Vivek, Nishcal and me- headed towards Sam’s . Ashish was there else we wouldn’t have known the map there. I’m messed up with maps and we had out big brother guiding us. There, we had a few seats left and there we seated, along with Ashish’s friends whom we didn’t know at all. They started laughing, having talks and enjoying. We were no less. We had our own kind of fun. Vivek saw three empty seats near the burning firewood and he and NIschal headed there while I was taking a loo.

The actual fun and the eve celebration began there. Me, Nischal and Vivek, we drank a lot of booze, sat in front of firewood, talked with foreigners and others who were nearby our seats and that was fun. I have never had that kind of Chill and Sober fun till date. Vivek, my cousin, was the person who made that day interesting. He was drunk and he was talking about anything to anyone who he saw. I did the same and so did Nischal. We drank Gorkha Beer, lit ciggrates and talked about politics, economy, football, women, racial discrimination and a lot of things with others. That eve, I knew foreigners really love the things in Nepal, especially the base camps. I met more than a dozen people who just came back from Everest Base Camp and met few others too who were planning to go there. I met a Kiwis couple, one with roots there and the other with Indian roots and I had a lot of interesting talks with them. I told him the history of Gurkhas, the legend of Dhaka Topi and even helped him put on the Dhaka hat in the proper way. He had a lovely girlfriend and he was  a lucky guy.

A lot of things happened that eve. There were a lot of celebration even though there was no-one to kiss in the midnight. I met wonderful people, saw beautiful girls and elderlies with joyful smiles. The day was dope and I was lit as hell, with the enjoyment of course. No I was not hammered. I was barely drunk.

The bill was 2800 and we paid it. We had 410 rupees left in the pocket and we paid that for taxi. We reached home, Me, Vivek and Nischal. Came back, drank a liter of water and slept. We had more of live to life and resolutions to be fulfilled in days to come.

Talking about resos, I made a resolution to visit 12 different places this year and hell yeah, I’m going Pokhara tomorrow, for a club meeting. This will be the first time I’ll go to a club meeting outside the valley. There are about 6 of us and I am excited. I know each and every one therm and they are fun loving persons. I’ll take a bunch of pictures, attend a meeting, speak there and have fun filled evening.



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