A full time job

It’s no easy, is it, to do a full time job. What’s more? Even a job where all have to do is sit on a chair and make bills ain’t easy. 

But this job drains my mind. I wanted a job where I would have to work 7 hours for 6 days. Here, the story’s different. I have to work for 10 hours and for the whole week. You read it right! No free day! 

Now in a work like this one would assume hard work to be done. If the work were of making bills, one might think I’m making hundreds of bills. One might think I have no time for tea ( just arrived, it’s my third cup and there’s more to come ). The reality is that I don’t have to work more than an hour a day here. I made 12 bills that represented 12 sales and 4 fake ones, which I have nothing to do personally or workwise. Also, I navigated the store, got to know a few models of phones, the places for the covers and hard plastics. All of that totalled to an hour of work at max. 

Its my 7th hour at work today. Two hours, I spent reading newspapers and the rest went in vain. Well, one might say that I’m getting my pay at the end of the month -and I’m telling you, for someone of my level of experience (nothing at all), it’s a good pay- but what I feel is I’m just taking their money for the minimal work. It would have been better if they gave me 200/hr and had me work for them as much as they want. Here they are giving me similar money but for nothing. 

This is gonna happen for a few more months. I know my mind’s gonna be dull if this were to happen everyday. So I’ll be bring a book and a newspaper and read in the free hours.  I hope they won’t mind. If they do, I’ll thank them for wasting two days of my life and just leave. Money can’t buy your mind, only knowledge can. 


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