Have you ever gone out with a person whom you’ve not known at all? Well, I did, just a few days ago. Turns out, it’s a really interesting thing to do and should be done often. You learn how to start a conversation with someone you didn’t know and once you get started, it’s really interesting to share your stories and learn theirs too. It is a good opportunity to know new people and develop a friendship, which can even turn out to be something really really good. Here’s my story, of a few days past, when i went out with Carolien, who I met on a social app. Before anything else, she is a wonderful person and she is friendly.

So, it started around a week back. We started talking. I messaged her first and was eagerly waiting for her to respond back. I kept refreshing the app eagerly waiting for her to respond. Hours passed but she didn’t. I thought maybe this was something usual, maybe she accidentally browsed through my profile and maybe I was anticipating too much. So I left it there and got on with my work.

The next day, I heard the notification tone. There was a message from this person I was eagerly waiting the other day. We exchanged greeting and got on talking. We talked for quite some time and it was going good. We exchanged out numbers, I added her on Facebook and we talked even more. Just when I thought maybe going out on a coffee won’t be a bad idea, I asked her out for it. And she said it would be a good idea. So there we go, two people who barely know each other, decided to meet for a coffee and maybe a few drinks in the evening. We decided to go out on a Friday night and I knew it would be good.

So, it’s Friday. We decided to meet at 3. I left from my home at 2. I knew there will be a messy traffic and I didn’t want her to keep waiting for me. That would create a negative impression of me and I don’t want people have to start having perceptions about me without actually knowing me. So I took a bus, which took me around 45 minutes to reach to Ratnapark. From there, I walked for around 15 minutes and just when it was 3, I texted her. A few minutes and she didn’t respond. I was still waiting, listening to songs. Just when I thought of calling her, I saw a girl running towards the place we were supposed to meet. I thought that was her but was still not sure. So, I waited for a moment and then she rested in front of the Garden of Dreams and then I called her. Turns out, it was her. I crossed the road, earphones still in my ear, and I was listening to “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez.

My god, she was beautiful. Deep eyes, tall, fair skin and a lovely smile. I was expecting her to be lovely and she exceeded my expectations. We started talking from there and it didn’t take us long to get along with each other. In a matter of minutes, we started talking about a lot of stuffs. We decided to go to Caffeine and have a coffee just as had planned earlier.

So there we are, in caffeine. I ordered an Americano and she went with cappuccino. Then we started talking about things again. The politics, the places we’ve been, the system here, Netherlands, where she comes from and about the village I spent my childhood in. I had promised to share some stories about my childhood and the things I’d seen and heard and I did that too. We talked about superstitions, gods, religions, our beliefs and a lot of other things. The coffee came and just as they say, wonderful conversations did start there in the table. We reached there at around 3:15 and time did seem to fly. It was already around 5:30 and I felt as if it had just been a few moments there at the coffeehouse. I asked what plans she had for the eve and she told about the dinner and drinks with her friends, planned for that night. I eagerly wanted to request her to postpone it for the evening and I so much wanted to have more talks with her but then, she was a person I just knew. I thought it would seem like I was stressing her. It was late already and we decided to head back home.

So, we are walking, in the street of Durbarmarg. Out of nowhere, things about past relationship came out. I frankly opened up everything to her. How it started, how it went and how it ended. The way I was talking about my past relationship, she thought I still loved that girl. She even told me to look in her eyes and say it. I looked in her eyes and told that I did not love my ex anymore. Maybe, she believed it then. She also told me about her past relationship and how bad it feels when things end. I knew how it felt. The end of the street came and we had to cross the road. It was time we say goodbye to each other.

So, we crossed the road and it was time for us to wave farewell. I was still not done with her. I wanted to spend more of the evening with her, even half an hour more would work for me. I had nothing to do when I went home and it was a weekend. I had just met a wonderful person with whom I could talk endless, without hesitation. With much anxiety, I asked maybe she could postpone her plans with her friend and we could have a few drinks. I thought she would directly say no but she didn’t. She called her friend, told her that she will be a bit late and we headed towards Thamel, the most happening place in the city and the place she lived in. I was really happy that I got to spend more time with her.

So we went to Sam’s bar. I had heard a lot about this place. They said it was a good place to hang out. We went there, ordered a beer and a diet coke- the coke was for her-, and started talking again. Trust me, when there are woods burning in front of you and there’s a person who listens to your talk, you need nothing more. You get caught in the moment and once again, time flies. We reached there at around 6 and it was already about 2 hours past. In between, her friend arrived there, we did the formal introduction and again started with the talk. Everything went well.

Again, it was time for us to say goodbyes. Before that, we talked on meeting again, after some days. I was happy that she said we will meet again. We hugged and said farewell to each other. I was still happy that i would get to meet her again, have a cup of coffee or a beer and talk hours again.

So yeah, that’s how it went. From strangers to someone you feel comfortable sharing your stories, it went really good. Then we again started talking in Facebook. Again, I would be the first one to message and she would reply all my messages.

But since the morning, she isn’t replying any of my texts. I hope she is good. She said that she was sick, I hope she is better now. I hope she does good with her life and I hope she keeps smiling forever.

Damn, I wrote long. This will be something to look back and smile a year back or two. 🙂



Quiz is done

Yes, the quiz is done.

We ended up being the last in the group but he’ll,  who cares. We had a lot of fun, met new people, smoked with new friends and laughed a lot. The quiz was quite competitive and the one who won the round totally deserved it. That’s about it 4 PM of the day. 

It was about 4 30 and I went there Mandip’s home. He’s my best buddy. I left my watch at his house a week back and I went there today to get it back. There we talked for some time and he gave me a ride till Anamnagar.  There I met my cousins. We talked, smoked, laughed, ate food, and drank glasses of beer . It was a fun day. 

I came back home at around 7. Was hungry af so immediately grabbed my plate and devoured what was left in the kitchen. Then I went to my cousin’s and just came back. 

Damn, that was some typical diary. I think I should keep daily journals like this. 


So, after a really really long time, I’m participating in a quiz contest and just like every other I did in the past, I’m with zero preparation. 

Quizzes have always been fascinating to me. I never prepare for the quiz when the time comes for the contest. But I read a lot of papers and articles regularly which I belive updates me with information regularly. 

Rota Quiz 2016 is one hell of and big competition. It’s a nationwide quiz contest and if my team wins today, we go to pokhara for the finals. 

Let’s hope everything goes well, let’s  hope we reach the finals. More than anything else, let’s hope my teammates have read stuffs about Rotaract and it’s past. I know nothing about that. 

I’m midway to the contest. Let’s hope everything goes well. 


A full time job

It’s no easy, is it, to do a full time job. What’s more? Even a job where all have to do is sit on a chair and make bills ain’t easy. 

But this job drains my mind. I wanted a job where I would have to work 7 hours for 6 days. Here, the story’s different. I have to work for 10 hours and for the whole week. You read it right! No free day! 

Now in a work like this one would assume hard work to be done. If the work were of making bills, one might think I’m making hundreds of bills. One might think I have no time for tea ( just arrived, it’s my third cup and there’s more to come ). The reality is that I don’t have to work more than an hour a day here. I made 12 bills that represented 12 sales and 4 fake ones, which I have nothing to do personally or workwise. Also, I navigated the store, got to know a few models of phones, the places for the covers and hard plastics. All of that totalled to an hour of work at max. 

Its my 7th hour at work today. Two hours, I spent reading newspapers and the rest went in vain. Well, one might say that I’m getting my pay at the end of the month -and I’m telling you, for someone of my level of experience (nothing at all), it’s a good pay- but what I feel is I’m just taking their money for the minimal work. It would have been better if they gave me 200/hr and had me work for them as much as they want. Here they are giving me similar money but for nothing. 

This is gonna happen for a few more months. I know my mind’s gonna be dull if this were to happen everyday. So I’ll be bring a book and a newspaper and read in the free hours.  I hope they won’t mind. If they do, I’ll thank them for wasting two days of my life and just leave. Money can’t buy your mind, only knowledge can.