Its all about practice

I could never be that person who remembers the things learnt once for his entire life. For me, its practice or nothing. Five days without any reading and I’m already forgetting how to read properly. I never thought this would happen but here it is, happening anyhow.

Till date, I’d thought of myself as a smart learner; the one who won’t have to read things once he learns them. Today, the reality was in front of my eyes when I couldn’t even properly pronounce words while practicing my SAT critical reading papers. Today I came to realise that yes, I could do good in SAT CR, but I’ll have to continuously do the passages as if they were questions of mathematics. It’s all about practice and the day I stop doing it, the next day it’s all gone.

That makes me realise why I need to keep writing on my blogs. Blogs have always been my passion – its been five long years of this journey – and I don’t want to see that day when I’ll have to think for hours, just to write a few hundred lines of my own thoughts.

Share, impart the knowledge and keep your practice.



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