There are things to do :)

Days are going well. I finished my CIE examinations, went to Pokhara for the first time, stayed for 5 days when I actually was on a trip for two, enjoyed each and every moment of those 5 days, drank like a tanker, vomited like never before, travelled nearly 400 kms, met cousin sister, somehow started thinking less about her, went to Bhaktapur, watched Doctor Strange and did more stuffs. The week went well and I enjoyed a lot. Now its time to get serious towards things.

My dad has offered me a work. As per his description, its something I would love to do and the pay is nice as well. I’ll have to work in the sales department in a smartphone shop, for a minimum of 7 hours a day and at the end of the month, I’ll be earning at least $200. That’s like earning almost half of the PCI of the country in a month, and that’s not all that I’ll receive. For every smartphone I sell, I’ll earn commission and as per my father, if I I sell a phone a day, I’ll earn an extra $150 a month. Also, there’s lunch stipend which I estimate to be around $40 a month. So that makes around $390 a month for 208 hours of work in a month. That gives me an average of $1.88 an hour. For someone in Nepal, a dollar and eighty-eight cents an hour is really good. People work for years to make something like that and I’ll be making it the first time I’m going to work. With the added experience, there’s added income.

Everything’s getting better. I’m on a long break, I just got a job that takes 6 full days in a week and I have Saturday for relaxation and doing things I want to. The Saturday, I plan to use it learning religion. I’ll start with The Bible, read it, be in contact with people who follow the holy book and learn more. I know I’ll gain a lot of knowledge from there.

Also, I have SATs to appear. It’s on December 3 and I plan to devote 3 hours a day for the course. This time, I have a target of 750 in maths and 650 in english. With that kind of score, I’ll apply to a good university and won’t have to worry about future more.

Adding up, there are club works to be done. Due to my examinations, I wasn’t able to concentrate on my club activities and I have a lot of burden on my shoulder. There’s the magazine that needs to be edited, the blog that has to be taken care of and also there are blogging workshops I plan to do in the club.

So yeah, there are a lot of things to be done. With each of these, there’s a learning experience that’s extremely valuable. I also need to keep on writing this blog. It’s almost three years since its inception and I have made memories here. Everything I do, I try learning things and learning, that’s my one and only goal in life. Lets hope everything falls in place and my gets even better.



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