Last day and things

Finally, exams are coming to an end. Tomorrow’s the last day of my 2016 October-November CIE examinations and probably my last exams for high school. I think I’ll pass :).

That being said, today is the last day of practice and I have planned to do 5 sets ( combined of As and A2 ) of MCQ practices. After that I think I’m good to go.

Also, today is the poll day in the US. I still have hopes for Hillary. It’s not that I’m a fan of hers, it’s just that she seems a better candidate than Trump. Actually, I’m a fan of his after the books I’ve read but in politics, nah.

SO lots of things are happening around the world. India introduced new notes, S. Korea wants its president to resign, there are protests due to no-loadshedding in the Kathmandu valley and there’s a president being elected today in the largest economy of the world. Lets hope the world doesn’t have to face any more protests and violence. Peace be there and longer shall everyone live.



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