Into the A2 part

The blog’s getting all affairs and exams right now 😀 . What can I do, these are the things happening currently. I had a really devastating breakup about a month ago and since that my exams have started. All these will vanish in a week or two and the blog will be mixed with stuffs again. So yeah, once again its about studies.

I feel fresh today. Minds’ all empty and I’m all geared up to do some practice. Till now I’ve practice 6 sets of MCQs of As level and my average score is 20/30 . I am not trying hard and that’s not faring me good. Today is the last day I’m supposed to do As level MCQs and move to the A2 part. I am moving to the A2 part now but this won’t finish my As practice.

So, begin the A2 papers today. I have 6 more days for the exam and I’ll start the A2 papers today. I’ll do around 10 A2 MCQs and 10 more As MCQs and it will be enough I believe. I’m starting now.

Life seems good!



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