I can’t recall the last time I was awake till this time of night. It’s almost 2:30 and I’m still in no mood to sleep. Maybe it’s the strong coffee or maybe its watching Sherlock that has restrained my sleep till now. Be it any, the major thing is that I’m awake and I just finished two critical reading passages, which adds to the 130 questions I previously did giving me a total number of 154. That’s quite a number of questions to be done in a day and I hope to keep the numbers steady or increasing for the next few days.

My mind’s opening up and I don’t’ feel like wasting it. Probably, I won’t sleep this night and try making the full use of it. But there’s the tomorrow that I need to worry about. There’s that minimum of four hours of sleep and there’s that urge to be resting my eyes before its 4. I have conditions that won’t let me able to do works till the time I wish to. Well, I can perform smoothly this night but for the upcoming few, my brain just won’t work. I need that rest and I need it before it’s too late.

Yes, today was productive. Did a lot of mathematics, four critical reading passages, two writing and grammar exercises and watched 3 episodes of a really good TV Series. Sherlock is good and Sherlock is what I was in need of to motivate my brain to work more and sharper. Six more episodes and left and I have 5 more days before the SATs. Maybe an episode a day will help me fix my brains to work more.


Its all about practice

I could never be that person who remembers the things learnt once for his entire life. For me, its practice or nothing. Five days without any reading and I’m already forgetting how to read properly. I never thought this would happen but here it is, happening anyhow.

Till date, I’d thought of myself as a smart learner; the one who won’t have to read things once he learns them. Today, the reality was in front of my eyes when I couldn’t even properly pronounce words while practicing my SAT critical reading papers. Today I came to realise that yes, I could do good in SAT CR, but I’ll have to continuously do the passages as if they were questions of mathematics. It’s all about practice and the day I stop doing it, the next day it’s all gone.

That makes me realise why I need to keep writing on my blogs. Blogs have always been my passion – its been five long years of this journey – and I don’t want to see that day when I’ll have to think for hours, just to write a few hundred lines of my own thoughts.

Share, impart the knowledge and keep your practice.


There are things to do :)

Days are going well. I finished my CIE examinations, went to Pokhara for the first time, stayed for 5 days when I actually was on a trip for two, enjoyed each and every moment of those 5 days, drank like a tanker, vomited like never before, travelled nearly 400 kms, met cousin sister, somehow started thinking less about her, went to Bhaktapur, watched Doctor Strange and did more stuffs. The week went well and I enjoyed a lot. Now its time to get serious towards things.

My dad has offered me a work. As per his description, its something I would love to do and the pay is nice as well. I’ll have to work in the sales department in a smartphone shop, for a minimum of 7 hours a day and at the end of the month, I’ll be earning at least $200. That’s like earning almost half of the PCI of the country in a month, and that’s not all that I’ll receive. For every smartphone I sell, I’ll earn commission and as per my father, if I I sell a phone a day, I’ll earn an extra $150 a month. Also, there’s lunch stipend which I estimate to be around $40 a month. So that makes around $390 a month for 208 hours of work in a month. That gives me an average of $1.88 an hour. For someone in Nepal, a dollar and eighty-eight cents an hour is really good. People work for years to make something like that and I’ll be making it the first time I’m going to work. With the added experience, there’s added income.

Everything’s getting better. I’m on a long break, I just got a job that takes 6 full days in a week and I have Saturday for relaxation and doing things I want to. The Saturday, I plan to use it learning religion. I’ll start with The Bible, read it, be in contact with people who follow the holy book and learn more. I know I’ll gain a lot of knowledge from there.

Also, I have SATs to appear. It’s on December 3 and I plan to devote 3 hours a day for the course. This time, I have a target of 750 in maths and 650 in english. With that kind of score, I’ll apply to a good university and won’t have to worry about future more.

Adding up, there are club works to be done. Due to my examinations, I wasn’t able to concentrate on my club activities and I have a lot of burden on my shoulder. There’s the magazine that needs to be edited, the blog that has to be taken care of and also there are blogging workshops I plan to do in the club.

So yeah, there are a lot of things to be done. With each of these, there’s a learning experience that’s extremely valuable. I also need to keep on writing this blog. It’s almost three years since its inception and I have made memories here. Everything I do, I try learning things and learning, that’s my one and only goal in life. Lets hope everything falls in place and my gets even better.


Last day and things

Finally, exams are coming to an end. Tomorrow’s the last day of my 2016 October-November CIE examinations and probably my last exams for high school. I think I’ll pass :).

That being said, today is the last day of practice and I have planned to do 5 sets ( combined of As and A2 ) of MCQ practices. After that I think I’m good to go.

Also, today is the poll day in the US. I still have hopes for Hillary. It’s not that I’m a fan of hers, it’s just that she seems a better candidate than Trump. Actually, I’m a fan of his after the books I’ve read but in politics, nah.

SO lots of things are happening around the world. India introduced new notes, S. Korea wants its president to resign, there are protests due to no-loadshedding in the Kathmandu valley and there’s a president being elected today in the largest economy of the world. Lets hope the world doesn’t have to face any more protests and violence. Peace be there and longer shall everyone live.


Into the A2 part

The blog’s getting all affairs and exams right now 😀 . What can I do, these are the things happening currently. I had a really devastating breakup about a month ago and since that my exams have started. All these will vanish in a week or two and the blog will be mixed with stuffs again. So yeah, once again its about studies.

I feel fresh today. Minds’ all empty and I’m all geared up to do some practice. Till now I’ve practice 6 sets of MCQs of As level and my average score is 20/30 . I am not trying hard and that’s not faring me good. Today is the last day I’m supposed to do As level MCQs and move to the A2 part. I am moving to the A2 part now but this won’t finish my As practice.

So, begin the A2 papers today. I have 6 more days for the exam and I’ll start the A2 papers today. I’ll do around 10 A2 MCQs and 10 more As MCQs and it will be enough I believe. I’m starting now.

Life seems good!