Hopes for C

I started with some serious MCQ practice for my Economics exam today. Today was my second MCQ paper of As Level and I think I did pretty good. 23 out of 30 in the first serious attempt is not bad at all, or at least I don’t think it to be a bad score. With these scores on my test practices, I’m hopeful for a C in my A Level economics. For that, here’s the plan.

So, both the papers – P2 and P4 – didn’t go as I expected them to. I will get a C in one and there’s no way I’ll pass in the other. So, here’s the plan to get a C in average.

The two MCQs’ that are remaining, I’ll have to do exceptionally well in one and pretty good in the other. And by exceptional, I mean getting all the answers correct ; a single mistake can be considered but not two . So, I’ll have to get 30/30 in one paper i.e. Paper 1 and I’ll have to cross 20/30 in the Paper 4. If all goes as I’ve planned, I’ll get a 60/100 in my whole A Level economics and with that I’ll have the final grade of ABCC. That’s good enough to get me into the colleges I’ve wished of.

So yeah, I’ve begun my mental exercise and I’ll do my best. Chances are, I might even get a B even though I’ve not thought of anything such.

Good luck to me. All I need to do is FOCUS right now. Everything else is good if I FOCUS on my papers and practices.



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