Two more to go

The day has been productive. I read three chapters which were one of the longest in the book. I started reading these chapters at around 9 A.M. and its about to be 3:45. I still have three more hours for the day to end and 13 chapters to go. These thirteen chapters and I’m done studying the basics of A2 Economics.

The day had been productive. Today, I could actually concentrate on the papers rather than on things that ate most of my time days back. Its going well, I’m about to start the fourth chapter for today and I plan to finish 5 chapters today. So, two more remaining for the day and three more hours. And these chapters are relatively small; just a couple of pages in each.

I’ll begin now I hope I will keep this this trend for the coming six days. I’d be finishing the course by two days and I can give four remaining days to do past papers. This way, I’ll not just pass, I might get good grades. 🙂 🙂



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