Hopes for C

I started with some serious MCQ practice for my Economics exam today. Today was my second MCQ paper of As Level and I think I did pretty good. 23 out of 30 in the first serious attempt is not bad at all, or at least I don’t think it to be a bad score. With these scores on my test practices, I’m hopeful for a C in my A Level economics. For that, here’s the plan.

So, both the papers – P2 and P4 – didn’t go as I expected them to. I will get a C in one and there’s no way I’ll pass in the other. So, here’s the plan to get a C in average.

The two MCQs’ that are remaining, I’ll have to do exceptionally well in one and pretty good in the other. And by exceptional, I mean getting all the answers correct ; a single mistake can be considered but not two . So, I’ll have to get 30/30 in one paper i.e. Paper 1 and I’ll have to cross 20/30 in the Paper 4. If all goes as I’ve planned, I’ll get a 60/100 in my whole A Level economics and with that I’ll have the final grade of ABCC. That’s good enough to get me into the colleges I’ve wished of.

So yeah, I’ve begun my mental exercise and I’ll do my best. Chances are, I might even get a B even though I’ve not thought of anything such.

Good luck to me. All I need to do is FOCUS right now. Everything else is good if I FOCUS on my papers and practices.




*Jazz in the background*

Never actually listened Jazz until this day. Maybe its all the Murphy influence, the music, the pleasant feeling while eating -which never happened before-, the carefree mind and the willingness to do good things for others and leave the rest to the God. Yes, it’s the movie influence.

I hope this remains for a longer time. This movie, Mr. Church , I should have watched this one long before. The story, the characters, the flow, everything was soothing and made me forget the pain that I was trying to give myself for these long days. I’m relieved, hoping to be better for people that matter the most to me. I’m happy listening to the jazz. Its’ got a good flow and all the tension I was trying to give myself seems to have long gone.

A good long sleep awaits.



Give time to friends. Don’t just start thinking about being in relationship with someone special immediately. Enjoy the time you’ve got with friends. There will surely come a day when you’ll be in love with someone special, it’s just inevitable. When this happens, priorities will shift and you might have no more than a single friend ever. Never let this happen soon.

Love is something special that everybody needs. But before you start feeling love for a single person only, make sure you have a bunch of idiots who will always love you, no matter what. And they are no other than your friends.

Be friends before you being to get drunk in love.


Two more to go

The day has been productive. I read three chapters which were one of the longest in the book. I started reading these chapters at around 9 A.M. and its about to be 3:45. I still have three more hours for the day to end and 13 chapters to go. These thirteen chapters and I’m done studying the basics of A2 Economics.

The day had been productive. Today, I could actually concentrate on the papers rather than on things that ate most of my time days back. Its going well, I’m about to start the fourth chapter for today and I plan to finish 5 chapters today. So, two more remaining for the day and three more hours. And these chapters are relatively small; just a couple of pages in each.

I’ll begin now I hope I will keep this this trend for the coming six days. I’d be finishing the course by two days and I can give four remaining days to do past papers. This way, I’ll not just pass, I might get good grades. 🙂 🙂


Back on track

So, its been a few days. I couldn’t study well, concentrate on subjects and do anything productive. Now, I finally feel I’ll be able to do so.

Yes, I have to study. I have an exam to appear in six days and I still don’t have much of an idea on what I need to prepare about. Six days, eighteen chapters  and a few past papers need to be done.

I’d been chilling a lot but it will stop from this day onwards. Six days, and I’ll pass in the subject that I didn’t have any idea about when I was in the school. It’s a challenge, a very difficult one but since I’m on track now, I think I’ll be able do complete it.


Back to the blog

Life had ups and downs. The only thing you can do is learn things as you move on.

I think I’ll be able to move on. I need to. I will 🙂 . For now, I’ll focus on my studies. I need to pass and I need to think of the life that lies beyond.

Also, I will start blogging more often. Writing things have always helped me and I will continue doing this in days to come.

This is a personal blog and this blog has no audience. Still, it’s a blog and blogging is always beneficial.

All you need to have in life are good friends and I have a lot of them.