Economics was a wise decision

C’mon, who doesn’t like money? That being said, who possibly wouldn’t like to study about money and how to earn it and efficiently manage it. That’s the prime concern of majority of those who want to study economics in their high school and/or college. For most of the people, Economics is money and how to manage it. For me, it was something else. Economics was a subject of interest to me for the power it had and the willingness I had to get to learn more on how the markets function and how effective plans and decisions are made. I chose Economics because a 10-5 job certainly won’t do anything good for me in years to come and the country really needs to function properly.

Its been about a month that the interest has been a subject for my examination. I chose to apply for the never-studied subject in place of Physics, which I had observed since the past couple of years. Turns out, the decision I made in that bus was worthy. Turns out the hardship and the added course load will matter a lot in coming years.

In these weeks I’ve been studying the subject, I’m learning the market, its types and characters. Just now, I learnt about the travel time saving and an extra research lead me to the key factors behind determining my rates if I were to keep it in monetary units. In these days, I have learnt that economics is not just about money. Everything that’s happening, economics has something to add to it. Resources are scarce and when they are so, economics is always pointing a finger. Me, writing this blog post, have things to do with economics as my time is limited to 24 hours a day and I need to sleep enough too to function properly for the next day.

There are a lot of things going on and everything where there is a limitation to the availability of resource, economics has something to tell. I’m learning more about the government, the works of economists and how they have helped reshape the globe and led to efficiency and better lives. I am learning a lot and every day, there’s something new to look about. That’s what is fascinating me the most these days. The subject is new to me and there are millions of things I still have to look forward to. I’ll definitely study economics in my college and I have planned to focus on the study political and governmental economics. The country I live in is in trouble and I want to do all from my side to make it a better place to live in. Now, I have a motto in life and I know I will do something.


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