The lazy days

Life would have been remarkable if the brain and the body would do everything that’s thought of. Life would have been a totally different story and there would be acievements and medals hanging all over the walls. I have always been a dreamer but have never been able to shift the imaginations to reality from my mind.

There are many things to be done, many ideas thought of and many accompolishments to be made. Had my mind and ideas gone to somebody else, somebody who is ready to get out of the laziness and willing to step forward on working on things, there definitely would have been better things for the world and the mankind. At least I think that way. Had I been active and willing, I would have done something knowledgeable. I’m just a lazy person with ideas. I’m nothing more and if I don’t try gettting rid of the laziness, I never will be anything in my life. 


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