Documents Show Prophet Muhammad and US Founding Fathers Were Kindred Spirits

In the era where war is in the name of religion, Dr. Craig Considine has written a fine piece on the similarities of Muhammad and George Washington, the founding member and the first president of the United States. I’m neither a Islam follower nor do I support Christian beliefs. I believe humanity is to exist and all religions should have the same beliefs, piece and freedom. I know that there are religions and there have been followers of these religions for thousands of years now. No one should be preaching on the supremacy of their religion and try forcefully converting people. There are religions and people have choices to choose from them. Religion should be a belief and if I find the belief shared by a mullah to be wise and helpful, I’m a follower of Islam. There’s no wrong doing in it.
Religions are to preach peace, not shed bloods in their name.

U.S. Constitution and the Quran U.S. Constitution and the Quran

Although they are typically seen to represent overwhelming opposites, the Prophet Muhammad and America’s founding fathers shared many common characteristics and beliefs, which can be seen in historical documents. By comparing the speeches and texts that they left behind, we can learn of the similar viewpoints that Muhammad and the founding fathers held on issues pertaining to equal rights and religious liberty.

Prophet Muhammad and the American founding fathers shared an interest in protecting people regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. Muhammad, for example, received revelations from God, who directed him to celebrate diversity and cherish it as a staple of Muslim society. Muhammad’s encounter with God would later be recorded in the Quran, which states, “O mankind, We created you from male and a female and made you into tribes and nations that you may get to know each other.”

Furthermore, in his…

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