10 days

The last time I wrote, it was August 11. 10 days later, finally I have the enthusiasm to write on the blog once again. The 10 days I spent without doing things I was sure I would are the most unproductive days till date. The last time I opened the book was 10 days back and I don’t even have one and a half months left for my exams and 15 more chapters to study. The 10 days, had I spent them on studying, I would have finished at least 2 chapters and the load would have lesser. I, unknowingly spent the 10 days doing things I promised myself no to in the past. The 10 days felt like 10 short instances but when I think of the things I could have achieved, the 10 days are 10 big losses.

I didn’t make a video, didn’t study, didn’t read papers in these 10 days. I’m finding it difficult to believe that I didn’t even write a journal for these 10 days. Neither a pen was seen nearby my diary and neither I planned to write a complete journal in this blog. The person who wrote 2 journals a day didn’t think of writing even once a week, for 10 days. The only achievement in these 10 days is that I got my 2-year-old journal back. There are my memories and my plans in that diary and I will preserve it dearly from now on. They are my memories and 10 years down the line, when I look at them, there will be fascinating things in those papers.

I now have 3 places to write. I certainly can’t write the same thing on my diaries as well as my blog. I’ll start writing less in the blog now as I will have to add things in my diaries too. That doesn’t mean I’ll start writing less. I will write in the same frequency, but in different places.

This blog is older than the diary itself. The diary has the entire college experience of me. And the new diary has the things I have planned and got deep on. Each of them have their own value and they are not to be mixed with alter ideas.



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