Those 400 words

How long does it take you to write 400 words on things that are on your mind? For me its 8 minutes. Every journal here is written with the timeframe of 8-10 minutes and normally they are more than 500 words long. Writing things that are in your mind is not a big deal when it doesn’t have to make much impact. Imagine if these 400 words were read by at least 1000 people everyday. You would have to check every goddamn word for correct english and you just can’t write things that are in your mind. It usually takes you longer than an hour and even more depending on the level of seriousness it needs to have.

It took me more than a week to find valid reasons to write answers to the “Why NYUAD?” question in the NYUAD application page in the CommonApp. These 400 words that I had to write in answer to this question really mattered a lot. It was one of the determining factors that would make it possible for me to enrol in the NYUAD in 2017. These 40 words would determine my future. These 400 words if not written with more caution and countless rechecks could completely destroy my application to the NYUAD. That’s what these 400 words had value of and that’s why it took me so long to write them.


Writing, as said by people, is not an easy job when you take it seriously. Not everyone is born with great writing abilities. The majority has to keep on writing to be able to write better every time. I also fall in that majority and it was already months that I hadn’t written any essays or solved any reasoning question. This lack of practice made it difficult for me to write those 400 words and after finally writing them after a tons of edits, I submitted them as my final response to the “Why NYUAD?” question in the CommonApp. I believe I have the best responses that I could think of in this question. I focused in cultural exchange, limitless experiences in learning and doing things I love to do and experiencing the country in a different perspective. I hope my essay impresses those who examine it.


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