Maintaining daily schedules

To be the best of yourself, all you have to do is efficiently manage your time. When the time is managed and hours are utilised there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your goal. Its all to do with the priorities. When you aren’t able to give time to the things that prime to you, you just won’t succeed. I am facing time management issues this days and I seriously need to address them.

So, I am on a long gap. Except for Economics, my high school studies have finished and I have 2 months long gap to study this one subject. I’m really interested in this subject and I do spend a few hours everyday on learning more about the subject matter. In fact, I’ve also joined a “Microeconomics Principals” course in Coursera just for the sake of understanding the subject better. Combined with the online course, I give no more than 3 hours everyday for the study of Economics. That leaves me with 21 hours of free time which is simply getting wasted as days pass.

I seriously need to start managing my time. With the free time I have, I can start a new project and work on it and make it stand out by utilising this free time. In fact, I have started a Youtube channel on Vine Videos compilation and its been three days. I have made one video and it already has 260+ views and my channel has 3 subscribers in 2 days. I think that’s a good start. Other than that, I spend almost an hour everyday, in combined, to write on this blog. This blog needs to have a lot of memories and articles. I want to see the past version of me and this blog would be my mirror reflection. With the blog, Youtube and studies, I spend only 5 to 6 hours everyday doing productive things, still leaving me with 18 hours of free time of which I can use of. And I just can’t sleep more than 5 hours a day. My brain just doesn’t let me do so.

I have planned to start giving more time to each and every activity I do. I won’t start with a new venture or get carried away planing to do something that I just can’t handle. I will give more hours to studies, more hours on searching the best videos and giving even more time to make smoother compilations. The videos need of be of the best quality in every terms to stand out among the thousands of others already present in Youtube. My target is a minimum of 200 subscribers at the end of two months. That’s when I will start with the monetisation process and start earning decent money form my Youtube videos. Also I will spend more time writing more of the journals. I’m trying my best to write two journals everyday and I will try my best on giving it a continuity. I want to flood this blog with my words as I am the only one seeing it. Its a personal blog with my thoughts and I have all the rights to post things I wish to. I will keep on writing these blog journals and write more and more of them.

With all of these, I will still have a 8 hours or more of free time everyday. That remaining free time will be utilised in improvising my college application, making submissions of magazines and developing my professional “.com” website. Yes, I do own a professional “.com” website and that’ll be my portfolio page. That’s where I’ll be listing my accomplishments and this is where my plans and ideas will be.

At the end of the day, the time management scheduled has been optimised giving more time to each and every activity I’m currently indulged in.  With all the time utilised, I hope to be a better person in days to come and be more learnt. Its Gaurika Singh’s game day in Olympics 2016 and the game starts at 9:47 PM. 58 Minutes to go. I’ll be posting after the game now.



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