Watching 3 idiots

The part when Raju Rastogi makes suicide attempt, that’s when you get goosebumps all over. The song “Jane Nahi” and the attempts Rancho and Farhan make to wake Raju up from the coma and the past memories shown in those five minutes and all those other attempts they made, that’s when you realise all you need is that group of friend that’ll make you smile, laugh and cry at times.
There’s no movie like this one. There will never be a hindi movie that will match the level of realness and heightened emotions and bonding with friends. Damn, that movie is one masterpiece. I can watch this movie for next 100 times and still not get bored, not even a bit.
And Raju wakes up when Farhan is sacrificed by Rancho. “That a**hole would wake up even if you give him a pound of vegetable. Why did you sacrifice me?”. That’s what makes you laugh all of sudden. And then there’s the letter that comes from Andre Estaman ( I’m not sure with the name), that’s when you get a mix of emotions all over once again.
Rancho convinces Farhan to go and plead his father to pursue wildlife photography. And then comes an advertisement and I stop writing.
3 idiots is one good movie that you just can’t get enough of. Cheers!


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