Planning for something good

So I had this crazy idea of competing with Google’s Advertising platform and helping more people get in the web and earn money. It all started with the idea of making presentations on blogging and going to schools and colleges to show the importance of blogging and what can you do for yourself once you start blogging. It all started with that small idea and at the end, I had this whole plan of making a network of blogs, a directory of Nepal’s blogs on various niches and an advertising and publisher platform exclusively for those who are from Nepal. I have planned this crazy idea and I want to do all I can to turn this into reality. The face of Nepal in the blogosphere will be something very different if this plan is carried out and implemented in a year or two.

Everything here has  a small beginning. I thought of making presentations on blogging, the importance of blogging, the advantages and the utilisation of time and money for something good. I also planned of organising a blogging workshop and at the first phase, taking the 100 most interested people and giving a residential coaching for them. I also planned of teaming up with other popular bloggers and those with a lot of information on blogging and starting this workshop. Then, these people from various institutions will learn the concept of blogging to its depth and they will be representatives in their own schools and colleges and start blogging clubs and forums. After that, I also planned of creating a directory including all the blogs of Nepal on various Niche so that people can find Made In Nepal blogs from there. Even better, the directory will be totally ad-free and would run on my own personal expense.

Once there are a few hundred blogs in total and at least 10-15 blogs on each and every niche, we would provide our idea of starting an advertising network to some reputed company here in Nepal itself or we would hire the experts in the field and develop it on our own. The ad-network would be focusing only on websites made in Nepal and would be more cost-effective to advertisers from Nepal. Since the products will be local and easy to get access for the buyers, the companies advertising will also have higher profits and so will the publishers. We, as a company will be taking less percentage of the advertising ( nothing more than 40%) and the rest will be given to the publishers. This way, the advertisers and the publishers will be happy and we as a company will keep expanding and spending more and research and development. We will try our best to get each and every professionals into blogging and try turning those who are interested in the field to be professionals. As the citizens start blogging and earning revenue, the country will be having some good for them too. It will be a win-win for all.

So, that’s the plan I thought of in 5 minutes and I’m kinda hyped on this one. If I go forward for this plan now, I would have to cancel my thought of undergraduate studies for a few years. It will be worth the three-four years I spend on it. Its a really great idea and the success of it bring Nepal upfront in the field of blogging and will surely help people to get better lives in the number of thousands.

I’ll start working on this plan from today and start drawing more and more ideas on it. I will try to make it the best it can be and I will be keeping all the updates in this blog. Once I feel the plan if foolproof and is ready to implement, I will start getting more concerned on it and if I get the feeling that this can really be that one ultimate idea, I will get on with it. For now, I will at least make the idea better in papers and in my mind.



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