Got my personal .com domain

I think it was day before yesterday when I mentioned about getting back and adding articles there. To my own dissatisfaction, the blog is still down, at least from my hands. The ” This domain maybe available for sale” notification still comes and I have not done anything to get rid of it. The website is out of my hands and will be for a few more days but there’s something I can be happy about. I have got a personal .com domain name and a professional website registered in my own name.

Now if any layman who knows nothing about domains and websites, being smart asks me if I have a domain, I can, without hesitation say that I have one and show how professional it is. The domain name is registered in my name and I have got a lifetime free hosting to load the contents for the domain. I already have kept premium looking theme and my work for tomorrow after coming back from the movie will be to redesign the website, make a About Me, Contact and My Works page. I want this website to be a professional part of my profile, where the articles I write will be purely motivated towards attracting people to contact me to write for them. I want to be a freelance or a contracted writer for a company, at least till I got to college. I want to experience the life as a content writer who has to write a couple of researched articles everyday and just cannot post things he likes to like I’m doing right now. The blog will be purely professional and I’m dedicated to build that portfolio blog by a day or two. For the personal side of me, this blog will be there. I will be regularly writing here. The only time I will we writing on the professional blog will be when I get a masterpiece and can think and research enough on the idea. I’ll also start pitching New York Time, Huffington Post and other big publications with great pieces. That’ll definitely help me in building my portfolio, improve my researching capabilities and certainly add more people in my LinkedIn profile and create new connections. Furthermore, it would also help me a lot if I’m published in an international paper that’s read by millions daily.

For now, I need to sleep. Its been days that I’ve got enough sleep and today I’ll be sleeping only for 5 hours. Gotta wake up in time tomorrow morning to watch Suicide Squad. The movie’s going to be a blast and I’m lucky enough to go to the First Show that’s being screened in Nepal. Damn, I’m excited.


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