The laziest and useless day

Today has been a lazy day till now. My eyes are still burning from inside and I have this never ending fatigue that’s turning me sleepy every now and then. Only because of my habit of not sleeping early I am still awake and writing. Finally, after long hours I did something productive or at least, I feel I did something productive. Other than writing this article, the only productive thing I did today was learnt video editing and video-audio mixing. I have made some use of the iMovie application that is in my MacBook Air. I also have created a Youtube channel and I published my first ever video on that channel. The video is a 35 second long entertaining combination of vines of KingBach, the vine King. I compiled the ” Pervert Life” series of videos he had on his vine profile and added a few text and transitions to it and made it as good as I could. The work took me around three hours and other than that, the day went useless and I ended up watching cartoons for a few hours.

The thing I like about my blog is that whenever I write here, I get motivated to do something extra. Just like every other time, I will be doing something important after I finish writing this journal. The day has gone pretty much useless and I want to compensate hose hours with a few but super productive hours before I sleep. Also I have to wake up early in the morning as I have a ticket booked for ” Suicide Squad”, the most anticipated movie of all time for me. We, a group of three had planned this almost a year back and we will finally be going to watch the movie tomorrow morning at probably 9 A.M. I need a five hour sleep and need to wake up at 7:30 thus giving me two and a half hour to do things I want to. I’ll be ending it here and god knows, after five minutes I’ll write another blog post on my anticipation for the ” Suicide Squad” movie. But that’s less likely to happen. I’m almost done writing for today. I wrote pretty crazy yesterday. I was writing and submitting articles to New York Times, Huffington post and even wrote two journals on this blog. I have written a lot of stupid and senseless things and I have those pieces saved in the device. I would really love to see them a year to two later. They will surely give me a good laugh.


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