College application is not that easy

College application is a troublesome process. The form  fill ups you need to do and the checkboxes you need to tick are not the only thing to be done. There are questions asking why are you specifically interested in that particular college and all that comes in your mind are things which at first seem like deal breaking thoughts but as you keep on improvising them, they seem puny. The same is happening to me. I have to write why am I particularly interested in the NYU but I have limited reasons for that. Yes, at first they seemed appealing but 2 hours later, trying to summarise them up in 400 words, they don’t seem that compelling. I will have to spend more time on learning more about this college and why would it be a better choice. Research seems to be the only key now. So I’ll be going on with researches, gather as much information I can and try to recollect my thoughts. Who know, maybe my application become the best they have ever received in their history.

In the meantime, I need to start with the research. NYU, I’m on my way and I’ll definitely make it there.  When I make it there, I have a lot of things to do.


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