Working on getting KanchanBlogs live

I started working on getting my Blog alive. KanchanBlogs was my blogging platform until that day when ads started showing up while I was trying to access the WP-admin of the blog. That day I realised that it was already a year that I started this blog and it was the time to renew both the hosting and the domain.

To renew, I logged in my Fatcow dashboard only to discover that I was due almost 160$. I remember the $40 dollars that I had to pay for a whole year when I first registered the domain and hosting and now, I had to pay four time more than what I initially paid. I didn’t have that kind of money and started talking with the support department to consult with them. They reduced the price to $60 but I knew that the older the blog gets, the more money I would have to pay. So, I had stopped contacting them and started working on this blog and made this my official diary. I didn’t really care until today. I don’t know what hit me in the head today but I want to get that blog live again. I want to keep on sharing the information I used to. I have a lot of plans and a lot of things to write on that blog and for all of that to happen, I first of all had to work on changing the hosting. For now, my major concern is the survivability of the blog. I’ll only transfer it to a good hosting, possibly with a new name when I have enough money for that. For now, I need to have that platform to write.  So, I signed up for a free hosting that has a good uptime. Now I need to renew my domain, do some changes, point nameservers and watch tons of YouTube videos to do so.

The entire hosting file is being copied and its of 164MB. 33 MB is done by the time I reach at this point. I will keep the laptop in charge, make a strong coffee and come back to see the progress. For now, the post is done with.

Also, I’m not starting with my Huffington Post article today. The day is devoted to transferring my hosting and renewing the domain name. The blog KanchanBlogs needs to be alive from tomorrow and I will start adding information and tips on my beloved website. And I need to stop all of the computer stuffs and focus on my economics studied. I have registered for the subject that I didn’t study for 2 years of high school and have 2 months to prepare for it. I need to secure at least an A to show that Economics was really the subject of my choice and no matter how harsh the situation is, I would do good in it. Yesterday I read about Marginal Utility Course, Resources, Demand and Supply, Indifference Costs and Budget Lines. I’m getting more of the subject as I saw a lot of videos and references and read a lot too. I hope to do the same today.

Lets make coffee now!



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